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July 15, 2019

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FEMA Announces New Youth Preparedness Council Members

Today, FEMA announces the 2019–2020 Youth Preparedness Council.


FEMA selected eight new and seven returning members of the council based on their dedication to public service and community involvement.


FEMA created the Youth Preparedness Council in 2012 to bring together young leaders from across the country who are interested in supporting disaster preparedness. The council is made up of 15 members who are in the eighth – 11th grade.


New 2019 Youth Preparedness Council Members include:

  • •  Maxwell Hahn of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
  • •  Megan Wright of Calhoun, Georgia
  • •  Jordan Lin of Decatur, Georgia
  • •  Banan Garada of Urbana, Illinois
  • •  Wyatt Reed of Paragould, Arkansas
  • •  Sibi Raja of Broomfield, Colorado
  • •  Madeline Ortiz of Palmer, Alaska
  • •  Hsin Ya Huang of Eugene, Oregon


Returning Youth Preparedness Council Members include:

  • •  Maryam Choudhury of Windsor, Connecticut
  • •  Katerina Corr of New York, New York
  • •  Mackenzie Hinson of Mount Olive, North Carolina
  • •  Hannah Schultz of Marine City, Michigan
  • •  Camden Larsen of Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • •  RJ Cárdenas of Murrieta, California
  • •  Grace Harris of Folsom, California


FEMA created the Youth Preparedness Council in 2012 to bring together young leaders from across the country who are interested in supporting disaster preparedness. The council is made up of 15 members who are in the eighth – 11th grade.  The council provides an avenue to engage young people and hear their perspectives, feedback, and opinions. The members meet with FEMA staff throughout their term to provide input on strategies, initiatives, and projects.


Each council member will participate in the 2019 Youth Preparedness Council Summit, scheduled for July 16–17, in Washington, D.C. The Summit gives members the opportunity to share their ideas and questions with national organizations; plan their preparedness project; and meet with FEMA community preparedness staff, who serve as their ongoing support and mentors.


To learn more about the FEMA Youth Preparedness Council, visit the FEMA Website.



FEMA Revises Tribal Consultation Policy

FEMA has updated the FEMA Tribal Consultation Policy, which guides how FEMA engages tribal governments with regular and meaningful consultation and collaboration on policies and programs that have tribal implications. The policy was updated to reflect current authorities, best practices, tribal input, and recommendations from the Governmental Accountability Office (GAO) report titled "Tribal Consultation: Additional Federal Actions Needed for Infrastructure Projects (GAO-19-22)".


This updated policy supersedes the FEMA Tribal Consultation Policy dated August 12, 2014.


FEMA Hosts Webinar on Tribe-Administered Housing

FEMA is hosting a national webinar for federally recognized Indian tribes on tribe-administered housing, a grant authority established under Section 1211 of the Disaster Recovery Reform Act (DRRA) in 2018.  


Topics covered by the webinar include:


•  Update on FEMA’s Tribe/State-Administered Direct Housing Grant Guide that is planned for release later this fall.  The guide reviews necessary documentation and submission for a grant application, capabilities self-assessment, coordination requirements for requesting and receiving Direct Housing grant funds, and executing a Direct Housing mission on behalf of FEMA.


•  Opportunity for tribal governments to learn and ask questions about FEMA’s authority to provide grants under this guide as a pilot program for up to two years.


•  Update on FEMA’s plan in developing a report to the U.S. Congress in 2019 and a final regulation and rule to be issued within two years.


Tribes may provide input on any of the DRRA provisions either via the webinar or by email.


How to Participate:

•  Date: Monday, July 22

•  Time: 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET

•  Adobe Connect Webinar

•  Closed Captioning Link

•  Audio only: 1-800-320-4330; PIN 275587#


Questions and comments may be submitted to by email or through contact with FEMA’s Regional Tribal Liaisons.

FEMA Hosts Webinar on Hurricane Michael Recovery Advisories

FEMA recently released Hurricane Michael Recovery Advisories and has scheduled webinars to discuss the details. These Recovery Advisories are intended to assist various stakeholders in rebuilding more resiliently by providing design and construction guidance to help minimize damage from future storm events.


The webinars are free and available to anyone interested in the topics and content. Registration is required for each webinar. Each session will have a 15 minutes period for questions and answers.


•  Noon to 1:45 p.m. ET July 23

•  Noon to 1:45 p.m. ET Aug. 7

•  Noon to 1:30 p.m. ET Aug. 15


Each webinar will be divided into two sessions and participants must register for each:


•  Session 1: Successfully Retrofitting Buildings for Wind Resistance; suggested attendees include: building owners and operators, design professionals, contractors, and entities that fund retrofits. 


•  Session 2:  Best Practices for Minimizing Wind and Water Infiltration Damage; suggested attendees include: building owners, operators, and managers; design professionals; building officials; contractors; and municipal building, and planning officials.


Register for the webinar here.  Any questions about this webinar, please contact the FEMA Building Science Helpline at FEMA-Buildingsciencehelp@fema.dhs.gov.

FEMA Hosts Webinars Highlighting Changes in Updated NIMS ICS Courses

As part of the 2017 National Incident Management System (NIMS) update, FEMA is releasing three revised courses in its Incident Command System (ICS) All-Hazards Position Specific Curriculum:


•  E/L0967, NIMS ICS All-Hazards Logistics Section Chief Course

•  E/L0970, NIMS ICS All-Hazards Supply Unit Leader Course

•  E/L0965, NIMS ICS All-Hazards Facilities Unit Leader Course


FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI) will host webinars highlighting the changes in the courses, instructor requirements, and future course releases. All times are Eastern, and each webinar has the same content:


•  11 a.m. Tuesday, July 23

•  3 p.m. Tuesday, July 23

•  11 a.m. Thursday, July 25

•  2 p.m. Thursday, July 25



How to Participate:


•  Register on the Adobe Connect platform at NIMS ICS Training Forum

NOTE:  Sign in as a guest using the following format:

Last Name, First Name, ST (example: Smith, Robert, NJ)

•  FEMA Teleconference: 800-320-4330, PIN 884976#


If you successfully completed a previous version of the courses, there is no FEMA requirement to take the revised version. However, the revised courses contain new information based on the 2017 NIMS document update.

Emergency Management Institute Goes to Online Applications for Resident and Basic Academy Field-Delivered Courses

FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI) will now use online applications for the following courses that start on August 19 or later:


  • •  EMI resident courses (“E” courses)
  • •  Field deliveries of the National Emergency Management Basic Academy courses (L0101-0105 and L0110). 


Applicants for these EMI courses should no longer submit a paper application form. 


To apply, go to the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Online Admissions Application page to find a list of what is needed to complete the application process. Registration for any EMI course requires having a FEMA Student Identification (SID) number. To obtain a FEMA SID, go to the Student Identification System page


Currently the NETC Online Admissions Application is not compatible with mobile devices. 


For questions or assistance in using the new online system to apply for courses, contact NETC Admissions at (301) 447-1035 or send an email to NETCadmissions@fema.dhs.gov.

FEMA Blog: Leadership Lessons from Different Regions, Different Storms

The 2019 Senior Leadership Seminar took place June 26 - 27 in Norfolk, VA.  This annual seminar brings FEMA and the United States Coast Guard together to discuss the past year’s hurricane response efforts and to plan for future storms. These meetings are critical preparation for future Hurricanes.  For more on leadership lessons learned from these different regions, read about their efforts here.


For more stories, visit the FEMA blog.