FEMA Hurricane Response and Recovery Opportunities

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Dear FEMA Emergency Management Higher Education Community,

As you are all very much aware, our Nation has sustained severe flooding and damage as a result of Hurricane Harvey, and we are anticipating major impacts from Hurricanes Irma and possibly Jose.  This is the peak of the hurricane season and it is far from over; to this end we are reaching out to you to help in response and recovery efforts.  FEMA is looking to recruit personnel, with an expected deployment of 30 days, in the following areas:

Recruitment Programs Areas

If you are available to serve in one or more of these areas, please send your résumé to: FEMA-CAREERS@fema.dhs.gov, and please put “Higher Ed” in the subject line.  Feel free to also share this request throughout your networks.  This is a great opportunity to serve the Nation and support our survivors in this time of need.


Wendy Walsh

FEMA- Emergency Management Institute

Higher Education & Executive Academy Program Manager

301-447-1262- office



20th Annual Emergency Management Higher Education Symposium, June 4-7, 2018