CISA Releases Guidance: IPv6 Considerations for TIC 3.0

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09/23/2021 09:45 AM EDT

Original release date: September 23, 2021

The federal government has prioritized the transition of federal networks to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) since the release of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Memorandum 05-22 in 2005. In 2020, OMB renewed its focus on IPv6 through the publication of OMB Memorandum 21-07. That memorandum specifically entrusts CISA with enhancing the Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) program to fully support the implementation of IPv6 in federal IT systems. 

In accordance with this OMB mandate, CISA has issued IPv6 Considerations for TIC 3.0 to provide federal agencies with guidance to help them use IPv6 to secure their networks by:

  • Providing IPv6 protocol information to enable a general understanding,
  • Informing agencies of their responsibilities concerning OMB M-21-07,
  • Aligning TIC 3.0 security objectives and security capabilities with IPv6, and
  • Offering awareness and guidance regarding IPv6 security considerations.

CISA encourages IT decision-makers and administrators in all federal government agencies and organizations to review IPv6 Considerations for TIC 3.0 to facilitate advancing IPv6 networks and ensuring future growth and innovation in internet services and technology.

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