united states coast guard

R 071346Z JUN 24   MID120001187978U
ALCOAST 242/24
SSIC 6010
A. Recognition Programs, COMDTINST 1650.26A
1. In accordance with REF (A), a selection board convened in
May 2024 to review nominations for the Coast Guard (CG) 2023
Michael J. Cristy Health Care Facility (HCFOY), Health Services
Technician (HSOY), and Independent Duty Health Services
Technician (IDHSOY) of the year awards.
2. HCFOY - The winner of the 2023 HCFOY (Large) is ATC MOBILE,
(Medium) TRACEN YORKTOWN and (Small) CGC HEALY (WAGB-20):
    a. (Large) ATC MOBILE Clinic as demonstrated by their
performance in 2023, the professionals that comprise the staff
have distinguished themselves by searching for novel solutions
to improve the delivery of services. ATC Mobile was selected to
pilot newly released procedures regarding Health Services Change
Requests. Recognizing the opportunity to add medical capabilities,
the clinic is undergoing the approval process to deploy a
cutting-edge point of care ultrasound machine. If approved, the
ATC Mobile would be in the forefront in utilizing this technology
to aid in diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment, while enhancing
patient satisfaction. Recognizing the robust need for behavioral
health resources, the clinic graduated the Regional Practice's
only full-time BHT. Since its inclusion, the clinic's BHT has
become as a well-known and trusted "first-stop" for the treatment
of behavioral health complaints, and has proven to be a force
multiplier for the Regional Behavioral Health Professional.
    b. (Medium) TRACEN YORKTOWN Clinic provided sustained high
performance, extraordinary care, and support of Coast Guard-wide
operations and contingencies, which was remarkable considering
significant evolutions over the past year, including a DEMOB
exercise with PSU 305 and a temporary relocation due to a
multimillion-dollar renovation to the Craik Clinic. During the
eight-month renovation, TRACEN Yorktown delivered uninterrupted
healthcare utilizing repurposed barracks rooms and a mobile
dental unit. During this time, the clinic established a temporary
medical and dental clinic, converting an entire wing of the
barracks rooms, including the front desk and lounges, into usable
medical and dental patient care areas and medical provider
workspace to maintain patient privacy.
    c. (Small) CGC HEALY (WAGB-20) a physician's assistant and
independent duty health service technician (IDHS) comprise CGC
Healy's medical staff. They provided onboard medical services for
85 permanently assigned crew members including acute and routine
medical care, pharmacy support and medication filling, physical
exams, immunizations, physical therapy, and routine lab services.
Healy’s medical staff treated life-threating conditions during a
159-day deployment while sailing above the Arctic Circle offshore
northern Norway, where a crew member displayed the early signs of
a cardiac emergency. Six days after a MEDEVAC exercise with the
Norwegian Coast Guard, Healy's team took critical action and
coordinated with the Atlantic Area duty flight surgeon, along
with the tactical commander and ship command, to conduct a
nighttime MEDEVAC with a helicopter deployed by the Joint
Rescue Coordination Center of Northern Norway. The quick and
decisive action of Healy's medical team allowed the crew member
to quickly receive necessary care and transportation to a medical
treatment facility in the continental United States.
    d. AIRSTA MIAMI was also a finalist for this award and can take
pride in their significant accomplishments during 2023.
3. HSOY - The winner of the 2023 HSOY Award is HS2 JOSE
    a. HS2 GONZALEZ-CRUZ'S performance and significant contributions
to AIRSTA Clearwater and Sector St. Petersburg clinics, and the
Coast Guard were unparalleled as demonstrated by his many
accomplishments over the past year. HS2 Gonzalez-Cruz initiated the
opportunity to serve as the Sector St. Pete satellite clinic
supervisor and primary medical liaison for the AOR. Serving in a
position historically assigned to a Petty Officer First Class, HS2
demonstrated superior performance well above his current pay grade.
In these roles, HS2 provided excellent clinical services and
facilitated outstanding communications to Sector St Pete, four
large Coast Guard Stations, four Cutter Commands, as well as various
sub-units within the Southwest Florida AOR. HS2 Gonzalez-Cruz's
performance during 2023 has set him apart as an extraordinarily
talented and dedicated Health Services Technician.
    b. HS2 BRARESSA DELOACH (AIRSTA MIAMI) was also a finalist and
nominated by her command for this award and can take pride in her
significant accomplishments during 2023.
4. IDHSOY - The winner of the 2023 IDHSOY Award is HS1 RYAN SHAFFER
    a. HS1 SHAFFER is being recognized for demonstrating unwavering
commitment to his shipmates over the past year. As the unit's IDHS,
HS1 Shaffer has completely refreshed all medical programs onboard,
some severely out of ¬date. Capitalizing on his experience as a
graduate of the arduous U.S. Navy Independent Duty Corpsman school,
he gutted the sickbay, restocked all equipment, built a
significantly improved relationship with the Rockmore-King Clinic
medical staff, and began to systematically improve all sickbay
programs, some of which, like OMSEP, had been dormant for years.
In Alaska, where mental health is a significant concern due to the
arduous and remote location, HS1 has been invaluable in proactively
caring for patients before issues get too serious. In multiple
cases, the superior rapport he builds with each crew member has
helped a member seek help early help before misconduct or mental
health concerns spiraled out of control.
    b. The following IDHSs were finalists for this award and
can take pride in their significant accomplishments during 2023:
HS1 Matthew B. Garcia - CGC LEGARE
HSC Eugene Pryka - CGC CYPRESS
HS2 Mosquera La Torre - CGC RELIANCE
HS2 Harrison Quinn - AIRSTA SAVANNAH
HS2 Seth Eckenroth - CGC TAHOMA
HSC Eric Gillard - CGC STONE
HS3 Ryan Wolterbeek - MFPU BANGOR
HS1 Vincent Carraccio - MSST MIAMI
5. All nominees are worthy of the recognition and support provided
by their Commands. I applaud all the nominees for their
accomplishments and their Commanding Officers and supervisors for
taking the time to submit well-deserved nominations. Successful
mission execution demands the very best. Mission support
professionals must possess in-depth technical knowledge, strong
leadership skills, practical experience, and professional
credentials to sustain our greatest assets: our people.
I encourage all leaders to recognize their high performing
medical professionals by nominating them next year for the
2024 Health Care Awards. This year's awardees demonstrated
outstanding professionalism in carrying out their duties.
Bravo Zulu for a job very well done.
6. POC: CWO Luis A. Muniz, COMDT (CG-1K22), (202) 475-5173,
7. RADM Dana L. Thomas, Assistant Commandant for Health, Safety,
and Work-Life (CG-1K), sends.
8. Internet release is authorized.