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ALCOAST 241/24
SSIC 1500
1. This ALCOAST announces the winners of the 2024 Coast Guard
Inspirational Leadership Awards (ILA) and Navy League Leadership
Awards. These awards recognize Coast Guard personnel who had a
significant impact and inspired their colleagues by demonstrating
outstanding leadership, fostering a culture of diversity, mentoring
others, and leading by example during the 2023 calendar year. They
exemplify the Coast Guard's Core Values of Honor, Respect, and
Devotion to Duty. Eight winners and eight honorable mention
individuals were selected from 86 impressive nominees.
2. Winners and honorable mention selectees of the Coast Guard
Inspirational Leadership Awards are:
    a. CAPT John G. Witherspoon (Active Duty)
Winner: LCDR Kelly Berry, CG Sector Lake Michigan
Honorable Mention: LCDR Jacob London, CG AIRSTA Cape Cod
    b. CAPT John G. Witherspoon (Reserve)
Winner: LCDR Ryan Kowalske, USCGC Legare
Honorable Mention: CDR Pablo Prado, CGD Seven
    c. MCPO Angela M. McShan (E-7 Active Duty)
Winner: YNC Monica Campos, USCGC Polar Star
Honorable Mention: BMC Jesse Blakeway, CG Sector Eastern
Great Lakes
    d. MCPO Angela M. McShan (E-7 Reserve)
Winner: MSTC Thomas Doran, CG Sector Houston-Galveston
Honorable Mention: MEC David Rice, CG STA Burlington
    e. Mr. George R. Putnam (Civilian)
Winner: Justin Bravatto, CG Sector Northern Great Lakes
Honorable Mention: Frederic H. Dolbow, CG Sector-Maryland-NCR
    f. COMO Charles S. Greanoff (Auxiliary Flotilla Commander)
Winner: Barbara Allen, Flotilla 25-07, Fort Washington, MD
Honorable Mention: Natalie Bunting, Flotilla 39, Dania Beach, FL
3. Winners and honorable mention selectees of the Navy League
Leadership Awards are:
    a. CAPT David H. Jarvis (Officer Active Duty)
Winner: LCDR Anna Ruth, USCGC Alex Haley
Honorable Mention: LT Brett Igo, CG Sector Northern New England
    b. SM1 Douglas A. Munro (Enlisted Active Duty)
Winner: MK2 Manuel Ortiz, USCGS Thetis
Honorable Mention: AMT1 Homero Haro, CG TRACEN Cape May
4. This year's winners are extraordinary individuals who stood out
for their visionary and innovative leadership, championing of
excellence, selfless dedication, professionalism and their
unwavering commitment to creating opportunities and developing
future leaders. These remarkable leaders standout amongst their
peers, embody the legacy of the awards, and will leave a lasting
impact on our Service.
5. All winners receive the following:
    a. A congratulatory call from the Commandant & Master Chief
Petty Officer of the Coast Guard.
    b. Recognition in marketing and communications including a MyCG
story, social media, the Office of Leadership website and
SharePoint, and at the Sector/District/Command/Unit level.
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6. The Coast Guard ILA winners will be recognized at the district
level, and will receive an engraved trophy.
7. The Navy League Leadership Award winners will receive:
    a. The Munro winner, MK2 Manuel Ortiz, will be meritoriously
    b. In-person recognition at the Annual Navy League Convention
June 5 - 8, 2024 in San Diego, CA, and a certificate signed by the
Commandant. Travel should be funded by the unit or district.
    c. An award code placed into their record in Direct Access.
8. Selecting and recognizing high performing leaders is a service
imperative, supports individual and unit development, as well as
Coast Guard retention and recruitment efforts.
9. Nominating commands are encouraged to recognize the winners and
selectees by documenting selection using all appropriate methods
such as a positive 3307, personnel awards, OERs and EERs, and/or
with a citation to positively impact future personnel reviews,
assignments, and promotions and advancements.
10. Nominating commands are encouraged to recognize the honorable
mentee selectees and those not selected with due recognition using
all appropriate methods. At a minimum, documentation of award
nomination should be reflected in nominees' performance evaluations,
personnel files and other methods such as a positive 3307, personnel
awards to positively impact future assignments, promotions and
11. The selection panel members were:
      a. CDR Roberto C. Concepcion, President, CG Sector Maryland-
National Capital Region
      b. LCDR Katherine Blue, USCG LANTAREA
      c. Dr. Robert Habib, COMDT, Policy and Planning - Training
      d. MCPO Jodie Morse, CG LDC
      e. CPO Michael Gould, CG Sector San Diego
      f. CPO Andrew Champagne, Air Station Cape Cod
      g. PO1 Melinda Churchelow, Office of Cutter Forces (CG-7511)
      h. DCO Kurt Sarac, Fifth District-NR, CG Auxiliary
12. For future award submissions, Commands are reminded to adhere
to the award nomination criteria, format, and endorsement standards
outlined in the award solicitation. Information and eligibility
requirements for the Inspirational Leadership Awards are available
on the DCMS-DPR-5 website:
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13. The call for submissions for the 2025 Inspirational Leadership
Awards will be announced in November 2024.
14. POC: Danielle Tergis, Office of Leadership (DCMS-DPR-5),
15. Dr. Donna M. Navarro, Executive Director for Personnel and
Readiness, and Senior Advisor to the Commandant for Diversity and
Inclusion (CG-DCMS-DPR-XD), sends.
16. Internet release is authorized.