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R 171245Z JAN 24   MID600117101540U
ALCOAST 017/24
SSIC 1650
1. In recognition of their outstanding contributions to the Naval
Engineering program, I am pleased to announce the recipients of the
2023 Naval Engineering Awards. As in years past, the quality of
candidates was incredible and highlighted how vital the Naval
Engineering workforce is to Coast Guard surface operations. The
submissions clearly displayed the considerable leadership, technical
proficiency, initiative, supporting operational readiness, and
professional development of Naval Engineers across our service.
     a. CAPTAIN RICHARD D. POORE AWARD - CDR Douglas Graul, Waterways
Commerce Cutter (WCC) Acquisition Program, COMDT (CG-9327), Deputy
Program Manager. CDR Graul provided superior oversight of the fleet
recapitalization efforts for the inland buoy tenders, river tenders,
and construction tenders which protect 30 million jobs and the safe
transport of $5.4 trillion in U.S. economic activity annually. He
assumed duties as the chartered WCC Program Manager and became the
most junior Source Selection Evaluation Board Chair for a Level 1
acquisition in the history of the Coast Guard. Enabled by his
devoted leadership, in October 2022, the United States Coast Guard
awarded a contract for a billion-dollar design and production
contract for 27 WCCs.
     b. VICE ADMIRAL E. L. PERRY AWARD (Afloat) - LT Clayton Flinn,
CGC CONFIDENCE (WMEC 619) Engineer Officer. LT Flinn instilled
immense pride in CONFIDENCE engineers while leading the response to
numerous mission crippling casualties and notably breaking down
cultural shipboard barriers to develop the "Main Gang" collaboration
between the Auxiliary and Main Propulsion Divisions. His exceptional
leadership and attention to detail led to the successful execution
of three major depot maintenance availabilities and four patrols in
support of Operation VIGILANT SENTRY, where the cutter completed the
interdiction and humanitarian care of over 1,100 migrants.
     c. VICE ADMIRAL E. L. PERRY AWARD (Ashore) - LCDR Matthew Eyler,
SFLC-LREPL Senior Availability Project Manager. LCDR Eyler served as
lead integrator for all maintenance and repairs of nine 418'
Maritime Security Cutter-Large (WMSL) class cutters. He led a
30-member team through the planning and execution of over 50 major
maintenance projects valued at over $80 million, promoting mission
readiness of the Coast Guard's most complex assets. The architect of
the first of its kind, five-year $50 million Indefinite Delivery,
Indefinite Quantity WMSL drydock contract, he set the stage for
reduced days away from homeport for four major cutter crews, saving
approximately $10 million in lodging and messing contracts, and
greatly reducing the burden on SFLC's contracting staff.
WILLOW (WLB 202) Engineer Officer. CWO Florane managed two grueling
depot level maintenance contracts valued at over $4.5 million and
leveraged shoreside support to complete over $400,000 in maintenance
and repairs, significantly improving WILLOW's operational
availability. He spearheaded the first removal, inspection,
refurbishment, and re-installation of a Thruster Generator onboard
an ocean-going buoy tender. His comprehensive documentation of the
intricate process spurred development of a maintenance standard for
incorporation into future WLB and WLM depot level ship repair
contracts, greatly reducing the risk of catastrophic generator
failures across both fleets.
750) Engineering Department. While operating in the Eastern Pacific,
BERTHOLF suffered crippling casualties to the #1 main diesel engine,
port line shaft bearing, dual point davit, and stern launch and
recovery system. Dedicated to the mission, the team rigged the stern
doors for emergency operation, enabling the launch of the Long-Range
Interceptor to interdict a suspected narcotics trafficker and
completed an international agency transfer before proceeding to
anchor for repairs. While at anchor, the department completed an
in-water stern door inspection and repairs to all four broken
systems to return the ship to mission with only one lost operational
     f. REAR ADMIRAL R. S. LUCAS PLAQUE (Ashore) - Sector Honolulu
Engineering Department. As a team of 10, they maintain assets
throughout Sector Honolulu's 1.4M square mile AOR, including three
WPC's, seven RB-M's, and three RB-S's, and provide engineering
support to CG Forces Micronesia/Sector Guam, Station Apra Harbor,
one WLB, and two WMSL's. During mass rescue operations following
the devasting wildfires in Western Maui, multiple Sector RB-Ms
experienced disabling reduction gear casualties. Sector Engineering
personnel quickly renewed reduction gears onboard two RB-Ms, a
complex repair typically reserved for commercial contractors,
allowing Station Maui to resume lifesaving operations.
2. This year's winners were selected from an impressive pool of
nomination packages that were proudly submitted in recognition of
superior Naval Engineering efforts. Many thanks to all who expended
the effort to highlight the nominees' tremendous achievements for
the Coast Guard and the Naval Engineering program. The exceptional
candidate pool included the following submittals (in alphabetical
     a. Poore Award
          (1) CDR Heidi Koski - SFLC Patrol Boat Product Line
          (2) CDR Andrew Pritchett - SFLC Icebreaker, Buoy, and
Construction Tender Product Line
          (3) Mr. Ryan Young - SFLC Long Range Enforcer Product Line
     b. Perry Award (Afloat)
          (1) LCDR Andrew Horvath - CGC BERTHOLF (WMSL 750) - Engineer
          (2) LCDR Keoni Hutton - CGC WAESCHE (WMSL 751) - Engineer
          (3) LCDR Jonathan Upton - CGC RESOLUTE (WMEC 620) - Engineer
     c. Perry Award (Ashore)
          (1) Mrs. Rebecca Davis - SFLC Icebreaker, Buoy, and
Construction Tender Product Line
          (2) LT Michael Dougall - SFLC Icebreaker, Buoy, and
Construction Tender Product Line
          (3) LT Freemont Hinkle - SFLC Patrol Boat Product Line
          (4) LT Emily Kingsley - In Service Vessel Sustainment Project
Resident Office Baltimore
          (5) LT Stephanie Motta - SFLC Small Boat Product Line
          (6) LTJG Jeffrey Redmond - Industrial Production Facility
South Portland
          (7) Dr. Karl Stambaugh - SFLC Engineering Services Division
     d. Stabile Award
          (1) CWO Pamela Arts-Smith - SFLC Icebreaker, Buoy, and
Construction Tender Product Line
          (2) CWO Brian Clontz - SFLC Patrol Boat Product Line
          (3) Mr. John Cullen - Industrial Production Detachment South
          (4) MK2 Chara French - CGC WAESCHE (WMSL 751)
          (5) MKCS Kurt Gunckel - SFLC Long Range Enforcer Product Line
          (6) CWO Shawn Hansen - CGC THUNDER BAY (WTGB 108)
          (7) Mr. Ronald Lowman - US Coast Guard Yard
     e. Lucas Plaque - Afloat
          (1) CGC CAMPBELL (WMEC 909)
          (2) CGC CONFIDENCE (WMEC 619)
          (3) CGC EAGLE (WIX 327)
          (4) CGC GLEN HARRIS (WPC 1144)
          (5) CGC HAMILTON (WMSL 753)
          (6) CGC MOHAWK (WMEC 913)
          (7) CGC MUNRO (WMSL 755)
          (8) CGC RESOLUTE (WMEC 620)
          (9) CGC STONE (WMSL 758)
          (10) CGC TAHOMA (WMEC 908)
          (11) CGC TAMPA (WMEC 902)
          (12) CGC VALIANT (WMEC 621)
          (13) CGC VENTUROUS (WMEC 625)
          (14) CGC WAESCHE (WMSL 751)
     f. Lucas Plaque - Ashore
          (1) Coast Guard Base Alameda Centralized Cutter Boat Pooling
          (2) Coast Guard Yard
          (3) SFLC Icebreaker, Buoy, and Construction Tender Product
          (4) SFLC Small Boat Product Line
3. Questions regarding the Naval Engineering Awards may be directed
to LCDR Nathaniel Dufresne, COMDT (CG-452) at 202-475-5719 or via
email at
4. RDML A. B. Grable, Assistant Commandant for Engineering and
Logistics (CG-4), sends.
5. Internet release is authorized.