united states coast guard

ALCGOFF 036/23
A. Military Separations, COMDTINST M1000.4
B. Title 10 U.S. Code, Section 1305
1. IAW Ref A, Article 1.c.6.b.1., the Coast Guard has the authority to
extend the service of a Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) on active duty
beyond their mandatory 30-year retirement date.
2. To provide flexibility in meeting service need, as well as the PCS
transfer season, a panel of officers will convene on 18 Jul 2023 to consider
CWOs who request to continue service beyond 30 years. Selection by the Panel
for service beyond 30 years does not guarantee a tour extension in the current
assignment. All applicants must be available for worldwide assignment.
The Panel will select only those CWOs best qualified to fill service/specialty
needs for durations of not less than two months and not more than four years.
3. Application process: Any CWO who will have a minimum of 28.5 years of
service by 01 Jan 2024 who desires consideration should submit an e-
resume by 16 June 2023. Ref B requires the consent of a CWO to extend
service beyond 30 years. If a request to extend is granted after the
Panel meets, a CWO will be required to endorse a memo indicating the CWO
accepts or declines the extension. By accepting, the CWO will express
consent, as required by Ref B, to the period of extension, and accept
obligated service until a new mandatory retirement date that accounts
for the extension.
4. Directions on how to submit to the panel to screen for CWO service
beyond 30 years are provided on the PSC-OPM-2 Sharepoint site, found at
    A. Log in to Direct Access
    B. In the "EMPLOYEE" box, click "Tasks"
    C. Select "My Panel Submissions"
    D. When the search screen appears, enter the following:
            Panel Source:"Career Extension" Click "Go"
            Bus Unit: “Warrant”
            AD/Res Ind: “Active Duty”
            Job Code: 202598
            Click "Search"
            The Panel Type will populate under Open Panels, click the "Apply"
button and "Submit". Note: You will not receive an email confirmation from
Direct Access.
   E. Member Comments. Member comments are required and must address
worldwide assignment availability and any special skills the panel should consider.
Under My Panel Submissions, the applied CWO Extension should be listed.
Click the "Edit" button at the far right. Enter Member Comments and the Endorser,
then click "Save".
   F. Command Endorsement. A Command endorsement is required and must address
the member's leadership, performance, and ability to continue service. To enter
the command endorsement go to the "EMPLOYEE" box, click "Tasks" then
“My Assignment Endorsements” box, click “Endorsements Requested From Me”,
click on “Populate Grid”. Click on “View Endorsement”. On the next screen
click “Edit” then enter endorser comments. Click “Recommended” or
“Not Recommended” and click “Mark Final”. Click “Save”. Additional letters
of recommendation will not be accepted.
5. CWOs currently serving as temporary officers are not eligible to
apply for this Panel (e.g., a permanent CWO serving as a temporary LT or
LCDR). CWOs in this status are encouraged to consult Ref A, Article
1.A.8 for details on the integration process and the steps to take
should they require an extension prior to becoming eligible for
6. POC: CWO Bryan Kaseman at E-mail or
(PH) 202-795-6462.
7. CAPT Joan Snaith, Acting Chief, PSC-OPM, sends.
8. Internet release authorized.