united states coast guard

16 DEC 2022
ALCGRSV 067/22 SUBJ: PY24 IDPL SELECTION BOARD OPT OUT PANEL RESULTS A. ALCGRSV 057/22, PY24 IDPL SELECTION BOARD OPT-OUT ANNOUNCEMENT MESSAGE 1. In accordance with Ref (a), a panel was convened on 30 November 2022 to recommend officers for exclusion from consideration by promotion selection boards starting in PY24. The results of the inactive duty promotion list opt-out panel have been approved. 2. One application was received and considered by the panel on a fully-qualified basis. The panel assessed whether the applicant was eligible, had a qualifying reason for exclusion, and if the applicant's exclusion was in the best interest of the Coast Guard. The request was recommended for approval. Additional data on the panel's recommendations are provided below: 3. Recommended opt-outs by current paygrade: a. Lieutenant Junior Grade: 0/0 (N/A) b. Lieutenant: 0/0 (N/A) c. Lieutenant Commander: 1/1 (100%) 4. Recommended opt-outs by requested duration of exemption: a. One Year: 1/1 (100%) b. Two Years: 0/0 (N/A) c. Three Years: 0/0 (N/A) 5. Final approval of exclusion from promotion selection board consideration is dependent on the PY24 selection zones as published in the PY24 Reserve Officer Corps Management Plan. Any candidate recommended by the panel that is not in zone will be ineligible for the opt-out program. 6. The panel’s membership and units are listed below: Name Unit CAPT Monique M. Roebuck COMMANDANT (CG-133) CDR Lori A. Archer COMMANDANT (CG-DCMS-RA) CDR Brian J. Ahearn COMMANDANT (CG-126) 7. The proceedings of the panel, including its deliberations and criteria for selection, cannot be disclosed to any person who was not a member of the panel. 8. For panel process questions, contact LT Marvi M. Rivera, Chief, Boards & Panels Section, at 9. Released: CAPT M. W. Batchelder, Chief, PSC-RPM, sends. 10. Internet release is authorized.