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ALCGOFF 097/22
SUBJ: PY23 JANUARY RESERVE OFFICER EXTENSION PROCESS A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3 (series) 1. Pursuant to Article 1.B.2.F of Ref A, Reserve Officer Extension Boards will not be held in Promotion Year 2023 (PY23). Starting 15 February 2023, PSC-OPM will consider all extension requests for Reserve Officers serving initial accession Extended Active Duty (EAD) agreements expiring between 01 May 2023 and 31 Oct 2023. It should be noted that Reserve Officers with EAD agreements expiring between 01 Nov 2023 and 30 Apr 2024 will not be considered until Jul 2023. The considerations listed in 1.B.2.F.2 of Ref A apply. Panel submission and command endorsements must be submitted by 31 Jan 2023. 2. The following Reserve Officers, listed alphabetically by rank and last name are eligible to apply for extension: Rank Name Unit LT AYER, JESSICA J. OL-D7 MIAMI FL LT BERUBE JR., JOSEPH M. SEC KEY WEST INTEL STAFF LT BROSTROM, BLAKE D. OPBAT SUPPORT LT GALLE, ANDREW J. LSC TRIAL SVCS BR LT GODSEY, ZACHARY N. CGA LEGAL STAFF LT GOLD, MEGEN M. COMMANDANT (CG-LMI-P) LT GRAICHEN, KATHERINE E. D13 LEGAL STAFF (DL) LT LAWRENCE, JOHN C. PACAREA (PAC-094) LT LUDLAM, PETER J. COMMANDANT (CG-LCL) LT MALONEY, MICHAEL P. PACAREA (PAC-094) LT MARTIN, JESSICA M. YARD HEALTH SVCS DIV LT MIHILL, TODD M. LSC TRIAL SVCS BR LT RICHARDSON, CHARLES E. CG-LAD-D LT STRICKLAND, NATASHA A. OL-LSC TRIAL SVCS BR ALAMEDA LT WHITAKER-DAVIS, SIERRA B. OL-(CG-LAD-D)-DSO-MAYP LTJG ANDERSON, MIRANDA L. SEC OHIO VAL INTEL STAFF LTJG ARNOLD, AMBER D. SEC CHARLESTON INSPECTIONS DIV LTJG BEAUDOIN, MARIAH J. CGA CADET TRNG BRANCH LTJG BLOWE, CASEY V. BASIC FLIGHT LTJG BYRON, KIMBERLY F. CGC ASPEN LTJG CARROLL JR., BRENT J. CGC NORTHLAND LTJG CASSIDY, BRENDAN J. SEC SAN FRAN INSPECTIONS DIV LTJG CHAMBERLAIN, CHELSEA P. SEC MIAMI ENFORCEMENT DIV LTJG CHAPA ERRASTI, ZOVEK BASIC FLIGHT LTJG CLANSY, ANDRE J. SEC BUFFALO CP/RDNS STF LTJG COCKRUM, CODY D. PRO GULF COAST LTJG DACIMO, KELLY M. MSU MORGAN CITY LTJG DEGUZMAN, ALYSSA M. MSU HOUMA LTJG DIAL, TAYLOR J. CGC JACOB POROO LTJG EASTMAN, KIRK M. SEC PUGET SND ENFORCEMENT DIV LTJG FOSTER, EMMA C. CGC CYPRESS LTJG GRIFFIN, COLLEEN M. SEC ST PETE INCIDENT MGT DIV LTJG GRIMES, MEGAN L. CGC HEALY LTJG GUERRA, JESSICA CGC JOSEPH NAPIER LTJG HAAS, NICHOLAS A. MSST NOLA OPS SPRT DEPT LTJG HALL, MATTHEW A. CGC FIR LTJG HATTERSLEY, JUSTIN T. MSST NOLA OPS SPRT DEPT LTJG HAYTON, MARK R. SEC BUFFALO CMD CENTER LTJG HENDRIX, BRIDGET M. SEC JUNEAU ENFORCEMENT DIV LTJG HESS, ZACHARY J. USS BAINBRIDGE (DDG 96) LTJG HIGHTOWER, TAYLOR K. SEC LA/LB INSPECTIONS DIV LTJG HILDITCH, SARAH E. CGC CALHOUN LTJG HILL, ADRIAN C. MSU HOUMA LTJG HODGES, GRACE B. CGC STEADFAST LTJG HOSEA, MASON P. BASIC FLIGHT LTJG IOFFREDO, NICHOLAS C. BASIC FLIGHT LTJG KALISIK, JONATHAN K. MSRT EAST DIRECT ACTION SEC LTJG LAVRYNOVYCH, TETIANA SEC MIAMI INCIDENT MGT DIV LTJG LAWRENCE, STEPHEN J. SEC LIS CMD CENTER LTJG LAWSON, KINDAL R. CGC IBIS LTJG LAZEAR, JOHN J. CGC STRATTON LTJG LESYK, MATTHEW J. SEC SAN FRAN CMD CENTER LTJG LIMA, FRANCIS G. BASIC FLIGHT LTJG LOVULLO, DREW R. CGC SEQUOIA LTJG MCANDREWS, CARMEL M. D5 WATERWAYS MGMT BR (DPW) LTJG MCELDOWNEY, JARRET J. BASIC FLIGHT LTJG MEISENGER, MICHAEL R. BASIC FLIGHT LTJG MOGER, MADELINE R. CGC HARRIET LANE LTJG MONTE, ALEXANDER C. SFLC IBCT ENG ASSET MGMT SEC LTJG MORROW, RICHARD D. SEC JCKSNVILLE INTEL STAFF LTJG NALETTE, JENNIFER E. SEC SAN FRAN INSPECTIONS DIV LTJG ODELL, MICHAEL J. CGC BERTHOLF LTJG ORTEGA, RUDOLPH J. CGC RELIANCE LTJG PISCOYA, DANIEL L. SEC BUFFALO INTEL STAFF LTJG PRICE, DAKODA H. CGC LAWRENCE LAWSON LTJG QUIGLEY, WILLIAM C. SEC NEW YORK INSPECTIONS DIV LTJG REINEBOLD, SAMANTHA J. SEC VIRGINIA ENFORCEMENT DIV LTJG RICE, SAMANTHA L. MSU HOUMA LTJG RISING, STEVEN B. C5ISC PLANNING SUPPORT SEC LTJG RODRIGUEZ, ISAIAH L. SEC JCKSNVILLE ENFORCEMENT DIV LTJG ROUSSEAU, MARVYN SEC LOWER MISS ENFORCEMENT DIV LTJG SAWICKI, AUSTIN P. SEC CORPUS CHR ENFORCEMENT DIV LTJG SEBASTIAN-ECHEVARRIA, RUBYMAR SEC DETROIT INCIDENT MGT DIV LTJG SILVA, CRISTINA M. BASIC FLIGHT LTJG SKOMER, CASEY A. SEC HOU/GAL ENFORCEMENT DIV LTJG SMITH, THOMAS A. BASIC FLIGHT LTJG SOBOCINSKI, ERIC J. MSD PORT CANAVERAL LTJG STONE, ROBERT H. BASIC FLIGHT LTJG STOYKA, ALEXANDER R. CGC STRATTON LTJG STUCKEY, JARRETT R. SEC CORPUS CHR INSPECTIONS DIV LTJG SUTTON, CONNOR S. SEC COL RIVER ENFORCEMENT DIV LTJG SWAN, AUSTIN M. SEC BOSTON INTEL STAFF LTJG TAKEDA, AUSTIN H. TRANS FLIGHT-CNATT LTJG TANG, DUY K. SEC LA/LB INSPECTIONS DIV LTJG TOWEY, DANIEL J. SEC UPPER MISS INCIDENT MGT DV LTJG TUTUNJIAN, MATTHEW J. SEC NEW YORK INSPECTIONS DIV LTJG VEGA, MICHAEL A. MSU PORT ARTHUR LTJG VELAZQUEZ, PAOLA N. SEC NEW YORK INSPECTIONS DIV LTJG VITELLI, JOSEPH M. MSST SF OPS DEPT LTJG WALKER, AMANDA N. SEC LA/LB ENFORCEMENT DIV LTJG WEISS, MORGAN L. OL-FLD INTEL SUPT TM-SAVANNAH LTJG WESTERMANN, MARK J. MSU PORT ARTHUR LTJG WHITE, CALEB E. MSU PORT ARTHUR LTJG WOOD, EDWARD D. C5ISC IDENT & ASSET ACCESS MGT LTJG WOOD, ROBERT L. COMMANDANT (CG-NCC) LTJG YOAKUM II, JOSEPH A. CG MFPU BANGOR ENS CABRAL, JESSICA J. CGC CAMPBELL ENS GRAHAM, CONNOR M. CGC RESOLUTE ENS SLATTERY, THOMAS E. PSC BOPS CAPABILITY BR 3. Every candidate listed above is required to submit an official request declaring their intentions to extend or be released from active duty. Applications are submitted via the Direct Access e-Resume. Remarks shall only indicate a candidate's desire to extend or otherwise state, 'I request release from active duty at the end of my current agreement'. Commands who are unable to meet the 31 Jan 2023 deadline due to extenuating circumstances should contact the POC listed in paragraph 7 as soon as possible. 4. When completing the e-Resume, use the 'my panel submission'. Ensure the panel source drop down menu is set to 'career extension' and then click 'Go'. You will need to delete any past 'career extension' in your panel submission's in order to generate a new request. Ensure the AD/RES ind: drop down menu is set to 'Active Duty'. Set the 'Bus Unit" to 'Officer' and the 'Job Code' to 000096. After clicking search, check the apply box for Reserve Officer Extension Board and click 'Submit'. This will take you to the ‘my panel submissions’ page. Click 'Edit' to enter remarks. Remarks in the member comment section shall only indicate two options: a candidate's desire to extend or should otherwise state, 'I request release from active duty at the end of my current agreement'. Enter Commanding Officers EMPLID for endorsement. Click 'Save'. 5. A commanding officer's endorsement is required for all requests and cannot be delegated. In the 'comment block' of the e-interview, the commanding officer's endorsement shall address the candidate's suitability for continued service under the terms of an active duty agreement, and also list the candidate's special qualifications and abilities. 6. Officers who are granted EAD extensions will be issued new contracts with durations intended to provide the member the opportunity to integrate. Tour extensions or assignment opportunities shall be determined by OPM-2 in accordance with Service needs. 7. Any officer who believes that they are eligible to be considered for extension on active duty and whose name does not appear on the above list should contact CWO2 Alex Acevedo at 202-795-6659 or Alex.J.Acevedo(at) as soon as possible. 8. Additional POC: LT Michele Natale at 202-795-6443 or Michele.A.Natale(at) 9. CAPT P. J. Dougan, Chief, PSC-OPM, sends. 10. Internet release is authorized.