Mid-Month December(15 December Payday) Military Payroll Processing Complete

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View your Direct Access Payslip

"Payslips" for the December, 15, 2022 payday are available in Direct Access. Report any discrepancies through the P&A Office (Admin) to the SPO. If SPOs cannot address or need assistance, the SPO will submit a trouble ticket. Payslips can be accessed via the Self-Service "View" menu.

The more you understand some of the basics of the various pay, special pays, and allowances, the better you are able to make sure the information we need to compute your pay each month is up-to-date. The tool available to all military members each payday is the Direct Access Payslip. This report lets you know the information our systems use to process your pay, details about the pay and allowances you are eligible for, payroll deductions, as well as your leave balance. The following guides will help you understand your Payslip.

The mid-month payday is Thursday,  December 15, 2022. Paydays are the 1st (end-month) and the 15th (mid-month) of each month, or the business day preceding the 1st or the 15th if either should fall on a federal holiday, Saturday or Sunday. Members should not set up automated payments or assume funds will be available prior to published paydays. Members should verify with their financial institutions as to the actual time funds are available to their accounts. See "When is Payday?"  for more information.

May 2022 Servicewide Exam Revised Cutoffs

ALCGENL 226/22 provides revised cutoffs for participants of the May 2022 Servicewide exam.

2022 Master Chief Advancement Panel Revised Cutoffs

ALCGENL 225/22 revises the cutoffs for advancement to MCPO for participants of the 2022 MCAP.

December 13, 2022 |  Mid-Month News

Reserve Supplemental Advancement Lists Updated

The advancement eligibility lists for reserve supplemental advancements have been updated

BM2 Active Duty Supplemental Advancement Eligibility List Posted

The advancement eligibility list for active duty BM2 supplemental advancements has been updated.

ALCOAST 478/22 - Update 1 - FY23 Special Duty Pay (SPP) And Assignment Pay (AP)

ALCOAST 478/22 provides numerous changes to FY23 SDP and AP originally authorized in ALCOAST 359/22. Effects SDP for AST Instructors, PSU Tactical Coxswains, Independent Duty Food Service Officers, Food Service Officers, and Precision Marksman-Aviation.

Update 1 - Military Workforce Planning Team Results - Afloat Officer Intervention

ALCOAST 479/22 promulgates changes for Officer Afloat CSRB. The $40,000 CSRB special incentive pay to retain active duty officers filling essential underway assignments, and who agree to obligate a four (4) year ADSC: Change eligibility (Para. 2.c.(1)) to "Serving in pay grades LT/O3 (not on continuation orders) or LCDR/O4 (not above zone for CDR/O5) AT THE TIME OF BONUS AGREEMENT SUBMISSION" (added "at the time of bonus agreement submission"). For bonus agreement submission (Para 3.b), change CO's signature date to no later than 30 Dec 2022 (was 01 Dec 2022) and change the submission date to 13 Jan 2023 (was 15 Dec 2022).

Active Duty Supplemental Advancement Eligibility Announcement and Procedures

This message announces the establishment of supplemental advancement lists for the following rates: CS2, DC2, EM2, ET2, and IT2.