ETQC Training Advisory 008-22, Processing FY23 C School, A School and Accession Course TDY Orders

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1.  The successful implementation of practices discussed in reference (a), eliminated the challenges members were experiencing with Direct Access (DA) generated training administration system (TAS) orders.  Due to this success, FORCECOM will continue the practice of permitting local units to manage the administration of FY23 "C" school TDY orders to include initiation of the authorization, funds certification, and AO approval.  Maintaining uniformity in FORCECOM business processes, at the start of FY23, these instructions will also apply to both Accession (e.g. DCO, OCS, DEPOT) and “A” school TDY orders. These instructions do not apply to PCS orders to the subject schools.

2.  In accordance with the references listed above, "C" school, "A" school & Accession course TDY travelers must follow the instructions below to ensure successful obligation and vouchering.  All travelers and AOs are reminded to read DA-generated TDY orders in their entirety.  

Instructions for those anticipating receipt of FY23 "C" school, "A" school & Accession course TDY orders:

  • Upon receipt of TDY orders, start a new authorization in ETS for the TDY travel.  Previous ETQC guidance to directly contact SATO to arrange travel (transportation, hotel, etc.) is rescinded.  Travelers should follow PPC guidance on when to contact SATO directly.
  • Under Basic Information, select or enter the following.
    • Type of Travel:  Training.
    • Specific Purpose of Travel:  (Enter 6-digit DA course code, e.g. 100427), Course Name, & dates of travel.
  • Under Reservation, make reservations IAW normal TDY procedures.
  • Under Site Details, enter your entire trip itinerary from beginning to end.
  • Under Expenses, enter all your estimated expenses (e.g. hotel taxes, parking, and any other authorized entitlements).  Please include estimated hotel taxes as a MISC expense.  Failure to do this has forced many to modify their authorizations because the voucher exceeds the 10% of the estimated authorization.
  • Under Accounting, enter the following for each field: 

NOTE: Accounting data will no longer print to DA-generated TDY orders.  Only DA orders that reflect entitlements are authorized to use FORCECOM accounting (POET) information.  DA orders that show no entitlements authorized and/or reflect “no cost” in order notes are NOT authorized to enter/use POET data.  

  • Ensure to attach a copy of DA-generated orders provided by either ETQC (“C” schools), EPM (“A” schools) or CGRC (Accessions).  Order status should reflect Ready.  
  • Review travel policy warnings.
  • Review the summary of expenses and itinerary and release for approval to your local funds certifier and AOs.  The obligation of funds should occur within 5 business days of receipt of DA orders.
  • Once approved by the AO submit a voucher, upon completion of travel, ASAP in order to receive payment for travel expenses incurred.

3.  This process closely mirrors the old TPAX process for Accession and A/C schools where the local unit supported members travel.  All AOs are reminded to review member entitlements closely to ensure they align with the orders.

  • All necessary changes to travel begin and end dates will be addressed at the local unit level via an amendment to the ETS TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION and routed through the traveler’s local ETS funds approver and AO.
  • Local unit personnel are NOT authorized to enter the training administration system (TAS) and make any changes to TDY orders in DA.

4.  FORCECOM Business Operations will closely monitor the balances of the accounting lines daily and add funds as necessary.  It is possible authorizations or vouchers may be rejected due to lack of funds.  If that occurs, please try to submit the authorization or voucher again in one or two business days, and the problem should be rectified.

5.  ETQC, EPM, and CGRC request the widest dissemination of this message, including distribution to subordinate commands, UTOs, and Personnel & Administration (P&A) Offices.

6. Additional questions regarding these travel orders and the associated travel vouchers should be addressed with the local unit AO.

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