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R 151723Z DEC 21
ALCOAST 456/21
SSIC 7000
1. This ALCOAST provides guidance for use of ETS after "go-live" for
the new Financial System Modernization Solution (FSMS). COMDT (CG-8)
will publish the "go-live" date for FSMS via SEPCOR. ETS will not
be available for full connectivity with FSMS until 05 January 2022
due to year-end system maintenance of ETS and staging of backlogged
travel claims. Consequently, travel vouchers will not be able to be
submitted for reimbursement until 05 January 2022.
2. Vouchering prior FY travel: As part of the cutover to FSMS, the
Coast Guard migrated open travel obligations. Authorizations will
appear in ETS for the member to voucher. Members will select the
open authorization within ETS and create a voucher. Members will not
need to select accounting information for the Project, Organization,
Expenditure and Task (POET) because prior year TONOs were migrated
to reimburse against the prior year expenditures. The vouchers
should only require approval from an ETS approving official.
Additional guidance is available through the CG-PPC ETS travel
website at:
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3. Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) Past Due Balances: GTCCs
remain in a mission critical status until 31 January 2022. Members
should pay off GTCC balances upon vouchering travel. The deadline
for no penalties for the held overdue balances will be 45 days from
31 January 2022. Commands should monitor message traffic related
to the activation of FSMS and remind members to submit travel
vouchers. Likewise, members are reminded to continue to monitor
their GTCC using CITIManager online tools, applications, and Direct
4. Discontinued Mandatory Use of CG Form 2070 after 05 Jan 2022:
ETS streamlines the process for Coast Guard travelers. Members are
required to update their profiles with their supervisor's
information in the notification portion to confirm entry of travel
into ETS. Travelers must receive their command's permission to
travel prior to ETS entries. Commands should assist travelers with
understanding the appropriate supervisory level to approve travel.
Units seeking greater control of member travel may elect to continue
to use CG Form 2070.
5. Travel performed on behalf of another unit: ETS is a travel
system that has the capability to record travel obligations and
expenditures through the interface with FSMS. Members that receive
funding to travel at the request of a unit outside of their home
unit must upload documentation supporting the use of the provided
POET. Such travel authorizations and vouchers will be processed
through the home unit's approval pools. Members traveling using
their home unit's funds will not be required to upload
justification. ETS funds approvers at the home units will ensure
the justification is attached to the travel request and ensure
proper selection of the provided funding information. Funds
managers should access FSMS or available ETS reports for tracking
spending against POETs provided to members outside their unit.
6. Group and Special Services Travel: Group travel for 10 or more
travelers must be coordinated through CWTSATO Travel in accordance
with the current travel requirements outlined at the following
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Groups less than 10 travelers that require special services to
coordinate flights, hotels, etc. should email the names of the
travel party with travel details to SSD@CWTSATO.COM who will reply
with coordinated travel itineraries for the group.
7. Blanket orders travel: Members requiring frequent travel using
the same POET throughout the same Fiscal Year (FY) can create open
authorizations through submission of an authorization request for
the entire period. Individual trips will still be needed to ensure
reservations are made by CWTSATO and allow vouchering upon return.
Members may be required to submit amendments as necessary to ensure
obligated funds are available for trips.
8. Non-CG employee travel: Non-CG employees include Auxiliarists,
Invitational Travelers, Coast Guard Academy Coaches, Chaplains, and
other personnel who are not assigned an EMPLID in Direct Access.
These travelers will be required to provide FINCEN with a Supplier
Maintenance Form, which captures information to allow travel
payments to be made to the members. Units sponsoring invitational
travel will serve as travel arrangers for the Non-CG employee.
FINCEN will provide a Supplier ID that will be used to build an ETS
traveler profile. CG Auxiliary will build profiles for Auxiliarist
and PPC will coordinate establishment of travel profiles for all
other non-CG travelers. The supplier maintenance form is available
on the PPC ETS travel website at:
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9. Premium Class Travel: Members are reminded that business class
travel requests must obtain Commandant approval and First Class
travel must receive approval by the Secretary of DHS prior to entry
in ETS. Requested premium travel must be routed through COMDT
(CG-1332) using the chain of command. Members seeking to use
frequent flyer upgrades should contact the airline directly after
receiving an approved ETS travel authorization using the
appropriate class of airfare.
10. Alaska Travel: Members assigned to units within Alaska will
coordinate all travel with El Sol Travel through ETS. Members
requiring agent assisted travel can reach El Sol Travel at
844-977-1157 Mon-Fri 0800-1600 Alaska Time. Members assigned to
units not based in Alaska will use SATO for all travel needs
including PCS travel. Members requiring reservations for the Alaska
Marine Highway System may make reservations more than 60 days
ahead of sailing by calling 800-642-0066. Reservations inside of
60 days will require signed PCS orders. Members will provide orders
to the affected Travel Management Center to ensure a reservation
is made by calling either El Sol if departing Alaska or CWTSATO if
in receipt of PCS orders to an Alaskan unit from locations outside
11. For other related ETS or Travel Management Officer (TMO)
questions, please contact CDR William Suter, TMO Implementation
(CG-133) at (202) 475-5377 or
12. Dr. D. M. Navarro, Deputy Assistant Commandant for
Human Resources (CG-1D), sends.
13. Internet release is authorized.