united states coast guard

01 OCT 21

ALCGPSC 103/21
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
1. In AY22, the Coast Guard Personnel Service Center (PSC) will establish
a dedicated EPM-4 Enlisted Career Advisory and Development Branch, designed
specifically to focus on the professional development of our enlisted
workforce. All MCPOs, SCPOs, and CPOs desiring assignment as a newly
established Enlisted Career Advisor (ECA) in AY22 are strongly encouraged
to apply for this rewarding special assignment.
2. The mission of ECAs will be to provide year-round guidance for the
enlisted workforce. Their services will be open to the entire enlisted
workforce with an emphasis on proactive engagement to enhance diversity
and inclusion, similar to the role the Women’s Afloat Coordinator, in making
members aware of professional development opportunities and the intricacies
of the advancement and assignment processes. ECAs will engage, assist and
enhance the talents of our service members by offering critical career
advice and guidance. They will be expected to highlight important professional
development opportunities for the purpose of promoting a diverse and inclusive
workforce. ECAs will coordinate with key stakeholders, to include: MCPOCG,
Rating Force Master Chiefs, Command Master Chiefs, Program Directorates,
Affinity Groups, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Civil Rights Directorates
and Assignment Officers, for the purpose of understanding issues impacting
the enlisted workforce and ensuring they can offer their best professional
advice on balancing the demands of military service. The creation of the
EPM-4 Enlisted Career Advisory and Development Branch is in direct response to
recommendations set forth in the recent RAND study, Improving the Representation
of Women and Racial/Ethnic Minorities Among U.S. Coast Guard Active-Duty
3. Selected ECAs will uphold the highest standards and traditions of the
U.S. Coast Guard. These assignments are reserved for outstanding individuals
who display sustained excellence in mentorship, adherence to core values, a
wide breadth of life experience and a keen understanding of service policies
and professional development opportunities. In support of building and
maintaining a mission ready total workforce, ECAs must possess adept
communication and networking skills necessary to brief senior leadership on
the latest personnel decisions impacting the enlisted workforce and the
nuances of concerns expressed by the fleet.
4. Eligibility:
A. Open to Active Duty MCPOs, SCPOs, CPO's and E-6's above the cut for E-7.
Members must be:
   (1) Tour complete in AY22, AY23, and/or
   (2) Have completed two years in their current assignment in AY22, and
   (3) Meet the qualifications set forth in Ref (A) and (B).
B. CSELs (Gold and Silver) who are tour complete in AY22, and members
desiring to become CSELs are highly encouraged to apply.
C. All those desiring to apply will submit a standard application. Program
information and further requirements can be found in Ref (B).
5. Process/timeline:
A. NLT 29 OCT 2021: Standard applications are emailed to:
B. The expected report date is 01 JUL 2022.
6. Standard Applications: Members and Commands should pay close attention to
the requirements listed in the standard application found at Ref (B).
Incomplete or improperly formatted applications will result in the applicant
not being considered as an ECA. Deadline extensions will not be granted to
correct errors.
7. The Special Assignments Officer will coordinate the release from rating
process. Applicants should not contact their detailer asking to be released
from rating.
8. Point of Contact:
A. ECA Program Manager: LCDR Michael Deal, (202)795-6597 or
B. Special Assignments Officer, CWO3 Jaime Baldueza, (202) 795-6587 or
9. Released by: CAPT Jay Vann, Acting Commander, Personnel Service Center.
The Service Center for our most important resource – Our People!
10. Internet release authorized.