united states coast guard

30 SEP 2021

ALCGPSC 102/21
A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28(series)
1. The Secretary, acting for the President, has approved the report
of the selection board convened on 2 August 2021 which recommended the
following named officers on the Inactive Duty Promotion List (IDPL) for
promotion to the grade of Lieutenant Commander. Officers selected are listed below
in IDPL precedence order.
No. Rank  Name                     Unit
1.  LT    Guanci, Matthew M.       SEC NEW YORK INSPECTIONS DIV
2.  LT    Radcliffe, Jason A.      D9 INCIDENT MGMT BR (DRM)
3.  LT    Hutchinson, Kip R.       PSC RPM-3 IRR
4.  LT    Monreal, Mario           D7 INTELLIGENCE BRANCH (DRI)
5.  LT    Mohnke, Ariana L.        IMAT LOGISTICS DEPT
6.  LT    Taylor, Sabrina C.       PSC RPM-3 IRR
7.  LT    Strzok, Devin C.         CGCC-3 OPERATIONS DEPT
8.  LT    Lavallee, Jon D.         SEC BOSTON INSPECTIONS DIV
9.  LT    Lane, Charlotte E.       SEC ST PETE LOGISTICS DEPT
10. LT    Whisenant, Mark A.       COMMANDANT (CG-721)
11. LT    Mack, Paul S.            SEC HOU/GAL INTEL STAFF
12. LT    Wolner, Jason P.         SFO MORICHES
13. LT    Barker, Michael J.       SEC BOSTON INTEL STAFF
14. LT    Ceballos, Felix M.       SEC NEW YORK INCIDENT MGT DIV
15. LT    Tirado, Pamela E.        OL-SEC MD NCR-WASHINGTON DC
16. LT    Pasay, Nathan L.         SEC JCKSNVILLE LOGISTICS DEPT
17. LT    Siwarski, Andrew G.      SEC JCKSNVILLE INSPECTIONS DIV
18. LT    Monahan, Matthew J.      D1 INTELLIGENCE BR (DRI)
19. LT    Garrison, Karol N.       SEC DETROIT WTRWAYS MGT DIV
20. LT    Howes, Katherine M.      SEC BUFFALO RESPONSE DEPT
21. LT    Sanchez, Glenn           PSU 307 COMMUNICATIONS DIV
22. LT    Garland, John C.         SEC PUGET SND CP/RDNS STF
23. LT    Kronberg, Staci L.       SEC PUGET SND CP/RDNS STF
24. LT    Wyllie, Andrew J.        SECTOR LOS ANGELES/LONG BEACH
25. LT    Bateman, Ty R.           PSC OPM-3
26. LT    Szoka, Richard C.        PACAREA (PAC-3SF)
27. LT    Storer, Gene F.          SEC SAN DIEGO ENFORCEMENT DIV
28. LT    Doherty, Eric A.         PSC RPM-3 IRR
29. LT    Giordano, Alfred J.      MSU TEXAS CITY
30. LT    Cao, Tony J.             SEC MARYLAND-NCR INC MGMT DIV
31. LT    Florio, Steven J.        PSU 301 ENGINEERING DEPT
32. LT    Highsmith, Daniel M.     CGCC-3 CYBER RESERVE DIV
33. LT    Robers, Brandon          SEC DEL BAY INCIDENT MGT DIV
34. LT    Duncan, Julie M.         CGRU USNORTHCOM
35. LT    Hertzog, James F.        OL-SFLC PROJ MGT- NORFOLK VA
36. LT    Czerwinski, Derek        SEC ANCHORAGE ENFORCEMENT DIV
37. LT    Barkley, Charles C.      TRACEN C MAY COMPTROLLER BR
38. LT    Giblon, Erin C.          PSU 308 WEAPONS DIV
39. LT    Whiddon, Leah L.         TRACEN YKTWN EMG & DIS MGMT SC
40. LT    Brown, Justin B.         OL-PAC CORIVRON 11-SEAL BCH
41. LT    Farris, Paul F.          PSU 305 ENGINEERING DEPT
42. LT    Brown, Waymando W.       SEC CHARLESTON CP/RDNS STF
43. LT    Barsanti, Brian J.       SEC MOBILE LOGISTICS DEPT
44. LT    Kerscher, Patrick M.     PSU 309 WATERSIDE SECURITY DIV
45. LT    Gross, Benjamin J.       PACAREA (PAC-3MF)
46. LT    Phelps, Christopher      SEC MOBILE CP/RDNS STF
47. LT    Truong, Thinh C.         SEC DETROIT INCIDENT MGT DIV
48. LT    Zhao, Anqi               SEC HONOLULU INCIDENT MGT DIV
49. LT    Bonham, Jason D.         SEC ST PETE INSPECTIONS DIV
50. LT    Sanders, Mickey D.       LANTAREA (LANT-35)
51. LT    Smith, Shannon F.        D1 INTELLIGENCE BR (DRI)
52. LT    Rankin, Tracy S.         SEC ANCHORAGE RESPONSE DEPT
2. Officer selection boards review only officers records and any communications
from candidates directly to the board. The board is also given a roster of
eligible candidates listed in alphabetical order. Above and in-zone officer
rosters are combined, so that the status of the candidates is not discernible.
Only the officer portion of a record is viewable by the board.
3. Promotion statistics for this board are provided below. There are many
variables, e.g., changes in performance, group size, approved voluntary
separations, etc., that will cause selection rates to fluctuate from
year to year among groups. Documented, sustained, high performance is
the best way to remain competitive for promotion.
Approved voluntary separation requests appearing before this board: 0
4. Selection rates by gender:
   a. Female (12/20 - 60%)
   b. Male (40/83 - 48%)
5. Selection rates by race category:
   a. Asian (1/3 - 33%)
   b. Black or African American (3/7 - 43%)
   c. Multiple Race (1/2 - 50%)
   d. Native American/Alaskan Native (1/2 - 50%)
   e. Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (0/2 - 0%)
   f. White (37/72 - 51%)
   g. Declined to Respond (9/15 - 53%)
6. Selection rates by ethnic group:
   a. Hispanic (6/10 - 60%)
   b. Non-Hispanic (29/61 - 48%)
   c. Declined to Respond (17/32 - 53%)
7. Directly following the Lieutenant Commander Selection Board, a Lieutenant Continuation Board was convened for eligible officers.
8. As a result of this board, 15 officers have been recommended for continuation in an active status via separate correspondence.
9. The Board's membership and units are:
Name                                Unit
CDR  James V. Lovenstein, USCGR     PSU 305 COMMAND STAFF
CDR  Jacob D. Ferreira, USCGR       D1 RESPONSE DIV (DR)
LCDR Emir R. Holmes, USCGR          PSU 308 COMMAND STAFF
LCDR Kelley M. Brown, USCG          COMMANDANT (CG-CVC-1)
10. The precept which convened this board and charged the members with
their duties and the Commandant's Guidance for Promotion Year 2022
Selection Boards and Panels are available via the PSC-RPM internet site,
IRR members without CG Portal access may obtain a copy
of the precept from RPM-1 by emailing:
11. The proceedings of the selection board, including its deliberations and
criteria for selection, cannot be disclosed to any person who was not a
member of the board. If there are any questions regarding the board process,
please contact LT Marvi M. Rivera, Boards and Panels Section Chief at
202-795-6507 or e-mail: If there are any questions
regarding the results of the board, contact CAPT Michael W. Batchelder, Chief CG PSC-RPM
at 202-795-6499.
12. Released: RDML S. N. Gilreath, Commander, Personnel Service Center.
The Service Center for our most important resource – Our People.
13. Internet release authorized.