united states coast guard

R 241135Z SEP 21
ALCGPSC 092/21
A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST
M1000.3 (series)
B. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
C. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, 
COMDTINST M1020.8 (series)
1. Commanding Officers/Officers exercising administrative control may
promote the personnel listed below, effective on the dates indicated.
2. Members are categorized by the promotion list on which they were
selected. Prior to promotion, Commanding Officers must ensure 
compliance with Para 3.A.12 of Ref A for ADPL promotions to O-2 
through O-6, Para 3.B.6 of Ref A for ADPL promotions to Chief Warrant
Officer, and section 7.A.10 of Ref B for IDPL promotions. Commanding
Officers must also ensure compliance with the provisions of Ref C, 
unless an exemption has been granted. If promotion is delayed, 
Commanding Officers must notify PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM), PPC, and SPO 
prior to the authorized promotion date.
3. If a promotion is delayed under these provisions, further 
proceedings under Chapter 3 of Ref A or Chapter 7 of Ref B will 
depend upon the circumstances leading to the delay. When an officer 
whose promotion has been delayed subsequently meets the standards for
promotion, Commanding Officers should contact PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM) 
and request authority to promote the officer. PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM) 
will authorize promotion with a date of rank at the time the officer
would have been promoted had the promotion not been delayed. For IDPL
officers, pay and allowances of the grade to which promoted are 
authorized from the effective date of the appointment, not the date 
of rank.
4. Acceptance of promotion obligates officers to serve two years time
in grade (TIG) prior to voluntary retirement. The TIG requirement 
does not apply to an officer resigning their commission. 
5. The following promotions are authorized:
NAME                        LIST DOR         UNIT
To Rear Admiral:
Dean, Mary M.               ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-092)
To Captain:
Kahle, Michael P.           ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC DEF FELLOW-ARLINGTON
Kinsey, Robert J.           ADPL  01Oct2021  D7 ENFORCEMENT BR (DRE)
Demo, Aaron W.              ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-5P-TI)
Parker, Brandy N.           ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-LII)
De La Riva, Etienne         ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-MLE)
Britton, Peggy M.           ADPL  01Oct2021  OL-LANT JTF E-PORTSMOUTH
Serumgard, Kristen L.       ADPL  01Oct2021  CGC MACKINAW
Worst, Jessica S.           ADPL  01Oct2021  CGC HEALY
Broadhurst, Daniel J.       ADPL  01Oct2021  D13 INCIDENT MGMT BR
Andrechik, Jonathan A.      ADPL  01Oct2021  LANTAREA (LANT-8)
Rogers, Daniel P.           ADPL  01Oct2021  BASE NEW ORLEANS
Balunis Jr., Timothy G.     ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-0922)
Lentine, Johndavid A.       ADPL  01Oct2021  CEU MIAMI-PRODUCT LINE
Danish, Michael V.          ADPL  01Oct2021  USCG FINANCE CENTER
Carabine, Catherine T.      ADPL  01Oct2021  PSC OPM
To Commander:
Welch, Krista L.            ADPL  01Oct2021  OL-FORCECOM (TMS)-DC
Fitzpatrick, Brian D.       ADPL  01Oct2021  CGC WAESCHE
Johnson-Gillion, Frances S. ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-0921)
Hutton, Elizabeth A.        ADPL  01Oct2021  D5 LEGAL STAFF (DL)
Pell IV, Herbert C.         IDPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT'S ADV GROUP
Perry, Jonathan C.          ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-LMA-A)
Steel, Anna E.              ADPL  01Oct2021  BASE KOD PERS SUPPORT
Sullivan, Brendan           ADPL  01Oct2021  CGCYBER COMMAND
Buck, Joshua W.             ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC LIS PREVENTION DEPT
Bybee, Jeff B.              ADPL  01Oct2021  MARINE SAFETY CENTER
Hart, Joseph H.             ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC NOLA INSPECTIONS DIV
Starnes, Michael T.         IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC CORPUS CHR LOGISTICS
Turner, Leon H.             IDPL  01Oct2021  D8 LEGAL STAFF (DL)
Driggs, Eric                IDPL  01Oct2021  LANTAREA (LANT-35)
Salter, Raquel D.           IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC JCKSNVILLE INC MGT
Merritt, Frederick R.       IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC JCKSNVILLE INC MGT
McMahon, Daniel J.          IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 305 COMMAND STAFF
Caliga, Tudorel             IDPL  01Oct2021  SFLC MOBILE SUPPORT BR
Maldonado, Jose G.          IDPL  01Oct2021  PACAREA (PAC-3SF)
Schultz, Faith L.           IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 309 COMMAND STAFF
Rosen, Christopher C.       ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC MARYLAND-NCR RESP 
McQuate, Daniel J.          ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC N CAROLINA INSPCTNS
Padgett, Julie E.           IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC ST PETE INCIDENT MGT
Troutman, Donald S.         ADPL  01Oct2021  LANTAREA (LANT-511)
Wenk, Gerard M.             ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC SAN JUAN ENFRCMNT
Neussl, Erick M.            ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC LOWER MISS CMD CADRE
Bor, Stephen                ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC LA/LB PREVENTION T
Geyer, Wesley M.            ADPL  01Oct2021  LANTAREA (LANT-33)
Trujillo, Jessica A.        ADPL  01Oct2021  PERS READNSS TASK FORCE
Whalen, Tamara B.           ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC NORTH BEND RESP DEPT
Young-McLear, Kimberly C.   PCTS  01Oct2021  DHS NTL CYBR COMS INTEL
Geyer, Angelique M.         ADPL  01Oct2021  LANTAREA (LANT-533)
Barril, Yamaris D.          ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-127)
Markos, Matthew L           ADPL  01Oct2021  LANT JTF E-PORTSMOUTH
Hantal, Karima A.           ADPL  01Oct2021  MSU PORT ARTHUR
Miros, Stephen R.           ADPL  01Oct2021  MSU PITTSBURGH
Crowley, Thomas S.          ADPL  01Oct2021  BASE NCR COMPTR & OPS
Johnson, Noel H.            ADPL  01Oct2021  MSST NY COMMAND STAFF
Townsend, Ryan S.           IDPL  01Oct2021  PAC CORIVGRU 2-NORFOLK
Siemiatkowski, Brian E.     ADPL  01Oct2021  C5ISC SENS & ELECTRONICS
Strom III, Frank A.         ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-ENG-3)
Downing, John Z.            ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC ANCHORAGE PREVENTION
Wolfe, Adam R.              ADPL  01Oct2021  OL-FORCECOM (TOT)-DC
Gazvoda, Ludwig R.          ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC DETROIT RESPONSE 
Mccarthy, David P.          ADPL  01Oct2021  ATC MOB COMMAND STAFF
Klein, Christopher J.       ADPL  01Oct2021  D11 COMMAND CENTER 
Auer, Christie A.           IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC N CAROLINA CP/RDNS
Robinson, Nathaniel L.      ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-ODO-1)
Paul, Adam A.               ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-ODO-1)
Noto, John E.               ADPL  01Oct2021  PSC PSD MEDICAL ADMIN 
Zoll Jr., James R.          ADPL  01Oct2021  CGA HUMANITIES DEPT
Linen, Corey B.             IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC NOLA ENFORCEMENT 
Stechschulte, Scott R.      ADPL  01Oct2021  ALC INDUSTRIAL OPS DIV
Clark, Leslie R.            ADPL  01Oct2021  SMTC LOGISTICS DIVISION
Sahlin, Geoffrey A.         ADPL  01Oct2021  OPC PRO PANAMA CITY
Simonson, Brian T.          IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 313 COMMAND STAFF
Miller, Christopher J.      ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC MOBILE CMD CENTER
Berrios, Ariel              ADPL  01Oct2021  OL-(DCO-I-2)-COSTA RICA
Millward, William C.        IDPL  01Oct2021  PACAREA (PAC-3SF)
Baxa, Philip S.             ADPL  01Oct2021  CGC HEALY
Cart, Christopher D.        ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-4593)
Baker, Kristen N.           ADPL  01Oct2021  OL-(CG-LMI)-DHS DC
West, Jeffrey D.            ADPL  01Oct2021  OL-LANT-MANAMA BHR
Garfield, Dianna D.         ADPL  01Oct2021  CGA NAV ARCH & MAR ENG 
Heffner, Tyler K.           ADPL  01Oct2021  TRACEN C MAY FAC ENG 
Dahl, Gregory T.            ADPL  01Oct2021  ATC MOBILE HH-60 TRNG 
To Lieutenant Commander:
Becker, Steven A.           ADPL  01Oct2021  BASE MB FAC ENG DEPT 
Coleman, Richard K.         ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC BOSTON CMD CENTER
Snyder, Andrew R.           ADPL  01Oct2021  AIRSTA SAVANNAH
Wilson, Charles R.          ADPL  01Oct2021  CGC JOSEPH DOYLE
Sherman, Graham S.          ADPL  01Oct2021  GEORGIA INST OF TECHGY
Foss, Anthony J.            ADPL  01Oct2021  C5ISC NETWORK SEC-KERN
Korn, Jared W.              ADPL  01Oct2021  D5 CONTINGENCY PLNG BR
Hoffman, Jillian M.         ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC BUFFALO CMD CENTER
Kealy, Alfonso V.           IDPL  01Oct2021  CGRU USSOUTHCOM
Beauchamp III, Samuel H.    ADPL  01Oct2021  BASE MB COMPTR & OPS 
Kaleiwahea, Parish M.       ADPL  01Oct2021  CGA MANAGEMENT DEPT
Forni, Mia R.               RCM   01Oct2021  D5 FORCE READINESS BR
Bernadt, Natalie Y.         IDPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-LPD)
Cremeans, Jesse A.          ADPL  01Oct2021  HITRON
Carman, Thomas D.           ADPL  01Oct2021  OL-LANT JTF N-EL PASO
Rutter, Grant K.            ADPL  01Oct2021  OL-CGCG-PORTSMOUTH
Gayman, Amy E.              ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC SAN FRAN INSPECTIONS
Prefer, Dana E.             ADPL  01Oct2021  TC PET TRNG RSRCE SUPT
Maher, Elise V.             ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-451)
Herndon, Nicholas D.        ADPL  01Oct2021  BASE NCR FAC ENG DEPT 
Mullen, Marguerite T.       ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC CORPUS CHR INSPCTNS
Ennis, Lawton K.            ADPL  01Oct2021  PURDUE UNIVERSITY 
Zeiser, Vincent F.          IDPL  01Oct2021  CGC FORWARD
Willmann, Megan L.          ADPL  01Oct2021  UNIV OF WASHINGTON
Brown, Alexander J.         ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-932)
Fagan, Cory P.              ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-437)
Starsinic, Travis J.        ADPL  01Oct2021  CGC GEORGE COBB
Gross, Jenna H.             ADPL  01Oct2021  AIRSTA CLEARWATER
McElroy, Hayley J.          ADPL  01Oct2021  D1 RESOURCE MGMT STAFF
Tanner, Adam R.             ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-833)
Delgado, Laura A.           IDPL  01Oct2021  PSC RPM-3 IRR
Wilson, Heather E.          ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-LII)
Middleton, Allison G.       ADPL  01Oct2021  ATC MOBILE AVIATION OPS
O'Hara, Gina R.             ADPL  01Oct2021  ATC MOBILE HEALTH SVCS
Holm, Raven R.              ADPL  01Oct2021  OL-CG-26-PENTAGON
Dietz, Zachary R.           ADPL  01Oct2021  ATO NE PORTS - SEA PAY
Tolliver, Robert M.         ADPL  01Oct2021  CGC KATHERINE WALKER
Salerno, Christopher P.     ADPL  01Oct2021  PACAREA (PAC-3MF)
Lang, Jonathan M.           ADPL  01Oct2021  CGC ALDER
Barrett, John B.            ADPL  01Oct2021  AIRSTA CORPUS CHRISTI
Gajewski, Sean R.           ADPL  01Oct2021  CGA LEGAL STAFF
Miller, Caroline E.         ADPL  01Oct2021  D5 LEGAL STAFF (DL)
Pierson, Niles C.           ADPL  01Oct2021  SFO GRAND HAVEN
Quitiquit, Meilyn K.        ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-NAV-1)
Frank, Coletun A.           ADPL  01Oct2021  ATC MOB C130J TRNG-ECITY
Maxwell, Samantha           RCM   01Oct2021  ATC MOB C130J TRNG-ECITY
Fuschetto, Ana V.           IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC PUGET SND CP/RDNS
Katsuki, Glenn F.           IDPL  01Oct2021  MSU CLEVELAND
Davis, Jeremy D.            IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC HOU/GAL CP/RDNS STF
Aber, Joel A.               IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 308 SHORESIDE SEC
Moomaw, Robert A.           IDPL  01Oct2021  LANTAREA (LANT-35)
Cook, Elisha S.             IDPL  01Oct2021  LANTAREA (LANT-35)
Wiener, Dimitrios N.        ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-ENG-2)
Denning, Andrew T.          ADPL  01Oct2021  ATC MOB AVI SPEC MISSION
Grinnell, Spencer W.        ADPL  01Oct2021  NCR AIR DEFENSE FACILITY
Arnold, Wade E.             ADPL  01Oct2021  TACLET SOUTH OPERATIONS
Pels, Sharyl L.             ADPL  01Oct2021  INVESTIGATIONS NCOE
Wells, Keifer B.            IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 312 COMMAND STF
Brownlee, Jason E.          ADPL  01Oct2021  AIRSTA CLEARWATER
Dundas, Ian R.              IDPL  01Oct2021  PAC CORIVRON 8-NEWPORT
Storino, Michael F.         IDPL  01Oct2021  GST OPERATIONS DEPT
Drake, Brian J.             RCM   01Oct2021  SEC LOWER MISS LOGS
Kinchloe, Zachary A.        RCM   01Oct2021  COLLEGE OF WM & MARY
Sullivan, Kevin R.          IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 301 COMMAND STAFF
Bradford, Dennis F.         IDPL  01Oct2021  CGRU USSOUTHCOM
Sanderson, Charles P.       IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC LA/LB INCIDENT MGT
Elward, Alex B.             IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 311 COMMAND STAFF
Stevens, James R.           IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 307 COMMAND STAFF
Hubbard, Daniel L.          IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 301 WATERSIDE SEC
Neyhart, Christopher T.     IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 308 OPERATIONS DEPT
D'Lima, Luke T.             RCM   01Oct2021  PSC RPM-2
Powers, Mikal T.            IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC LA/LB ENFORCEMENT
Travis Timothy M.           IDPL  01Oct2021  BASE BOS NAVAL ENG DEPT
Hoback, Stephen F.          IDPL  01Oct2021  D13 PLNG & FORCE RDNS
Kessler, Bryce              RCM   01Oct2021  D13 PLNG & FORCE RDNS
Daniel, Robert J.           IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC MOBILE ENFRCMNT DIV
Carney, Michael C.          IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC NEW YORK INCDNT MGT
Akerley Jr., Edward C.      IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC N NEW ENG INCDNT MGT
Khosh, Filipp               IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 301 OPERATIONS DEPT
Austin, Alexander T.        IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 305 SHORESIDE SEC
Shaye, Robert J.            IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC PUGET SND ENFRCMNT
Huntley, Brett W.           IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC N NEW ENG ENFRCMNT
Drysdale, Joshua K.         IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC ST PETE CP/RDNS STF
Sakal, Lindsay A.           ADPL  01Oct2021  TRACEN C MAY OFF OF CO
Hathaway, Nicholas J.       ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-LMJ)
Anderson, Lars D.           ADPL  01Oct2021  AIRSTA KODIAK
Rauschenberger, John K.     ADPL  01Oct2021  ATC MOB AVI SPEC MISSION
Brown, Samuel T.            ADPL  01Oct2021  ATC MOB AVI ENG SPPT
Gates, Marvin J.            ADPL  01Oct2021  OPBAT SUPPORT
Rudnickas Jr., Donald W.    ADPL  01Oct2021  CG INTL ICE PATROL
Wallin, Derek W.            ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-0921)
Berry, James F.             ADPL  01Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-INV-1)
Vlasak, Nicholas C.         ADPL  01Oct2021  NAV AIRSTA PENSACOLA
Smith, Christie L.          ADPL  01Oct2021  OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY
Handlin, Scott D.           ADPL  01Oct2021  AIRSTA BARBERS PT
Winiarski, Nicholas O.      ADPL  01Oct2021  C5ISC PLAN ANALYSIS REC
Milne IV, Raymond C.        ADPL  01Oct2021  CG STA FORT LAUDERDALE
Rice, Joshua D.             ADPL  01Oct2021  ATC MOBILE AVIATION ENG
Bowers, Zachary T.          ADPL  01Oct2021  AIRSTA KODIAK
Scott, Anothony R.          ADPL  01Oct2021  MLE ACADEMY
Aulner, Jacob L.            ADPL  01Oct2021  NC STATE UNIV
Cosenza,  Michelle A.       ADPL  01Oct2021  AIRSTA KODIAK
Smith, Christopher H.       ADPL  01Oct2021  ATC MOBILE AVIATION OPS
Wood, Kimberly A.           ADPL  01Oct2021  AIRSTA WASHINGTON
Flowers, Jennifer B.        ADPL  01Oct2021  LDC OFF ACC & TRANSTNS
Larson, Amber L.            ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC NOLA INCIDENT MGT 
Stewart, Lauren M.          ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC DETROIT WTRWAYS MGT
Spence, Nicholas R.         ADPL  01Oct2021  TACLET SOUTH COMMAND 
Zitta, Duane T.             ADPL  01Oct2021  SEC ANCHORAGE INTEL 
To Lieutenant:
Hammac, Alexander J.        ADPL  29Oct2021  AIRSTA CAPE COD
McAlister, Bryan P.         ADPL  29Oct2021  AIRSTA ATLANTIC CITY
Lovell, Justin R.           ADPL  29Oct2021  SEC HMBLDT BAY AV OPS
Hughes, Kerrie F.           ADPL  29Oct2021  SEC LAKE MICH ENFRCMNT
Immel, Jonathan M.          ADPL  29Oct2021  SEC MOBILE ENFRCMNT 
To Lieutenant Junior Grade:
Byron, Kimberly F.          ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC MUNRO
Rogers, Scott D.            ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC VIRGINIA INTEL STAFF
Lawrence, Stephen J.        ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC LIS CMD CENTER
Beaudoin, Mariah J.         ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC SAN DIEGO INCDNT MGT
Tutunjian, Matthew J.       ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC NEW YORK INSPECTIONS
Villasenor, Katherine E.    ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC JCKSNVILLE INSPCTNS
Arnold, Amber D.            ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC CHARLESTON INSPETNS
Nazzario II, Michael W.     ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC HONOLULU INSPCTNS
Carr, Ryan T.               ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC SAN FRAN INTEL 
Chapa Errasti, Zovek        ADPL  13Oct2021  BASIC FLIGHT
Muir, Patrick J.            ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC ALDER
Lima, Francis G.            ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC LA/LB ENFORCEMENT 
Ioffredo, Nicholas C.       ADPL  13Oct2021  BASIC FLIGHT
Smith, John W.              ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC CHARLESTON INTEL 
Boyd, Marcus T.             ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC LA/LB INSPECTIONS
Lawson, Kindal R.           ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC CONFIDENCE
Hosea, Mason P.             ADPL  13Oct2021  BASIC FLIGHT
Blacklaw, Whip C.           ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC ST PETE INCIDENT 
Walker, Amanda N.           ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC LA/LB ENFORCEMENT 
Molinari-Fuqua, Rebecca M.  ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC MARYLAND-NCR INTEL
Takeda, Austin H.           ADPL  13Oct2021  BASIC FLIGHT
Wingfield, Scott B.         ADPL  13Oct2021  MSU PORTLAND INSP DEPT
DaCosta, Marcelo M.         ADPL  13Oct2021  MSU HOUMA
Lesyk, Matthew J.           ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC SAN FRAN CMD CENTER
McEldowney, Jarret J.       ADPL  13Oct2021  BASIC FLIGHT
Hendrix, Bridget M.         ADPL  13Oct2021  MSU HOUMA
Mutter Jr., Timothy D.      ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC SAN JUAN INSPCTNS
Grimes, Megan L.            ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC BEAR
Bhardwaj, Tetiana L.        ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC MIAMI INCDNT MGT
Morrow, Richard D.          ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC JCKSNVILLE INTEL
Gaudet, Joshua B.           ADPL  13Oct2021  BASIC FLIGHT
Velazquez, Paola N.         ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC NEW YORK INSPCTNS
Welsh, Joshua J.            ADPL  13Oct2021  AST DECK DIV
Blowe, Casey V.             ADPL  13Oct2021  USCG CEREM HONOR GRD
White, Caleb E.             ADPL  13Oct2021  MSU PORT ARTHUR
Meisenger, Michael R.       ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC OLIVER BERRY
Piscoya, Daniel L.          ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC BUFFALO INTEL STAFF
Edes, Samuel T.             ADPL  13Oct2021  MSU HOUMA
Whitley, Marcus A.          ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC SAN FRAN INSPECTIONS
Odell, Michael J.           ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC LEGARE
Haas, Nicholas A.           ADPL  13Oct2021  MSST NOLA OPS SPRT DEPT
Swan, Austin M.             ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC BOSTON INTEL STAFF
Weiss, Morgan L.            ADPL  13Oct2021  FLD INTEL SPT SAVANNAH
Couture, Jackson L.         ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC HAMILTON
Lovullo, Drew R.            ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC BERTHOLF
Kveton, David R.            ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC OHIO VAL ENFRCMNT
Westermann, Mark J.         ADPL  13Oct2021  MSU PORT ARTHUR
West, Zachary L.            ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC MOBILE INSPCTNS 
Gamache, Courtney J.        ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC DEL BAY INSPCTNS
Anderson, Miranda L.        ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC OHIO VAL INTEL STAFF
Valine, Ashley V.           ADPL  13Oct2021  MSRT WEST PREC MARKSMAN
Chapman, Joel S.            ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC NEW YORK INSPCTNS
Linberg, Jeffrey L.         ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC CHARLESTON CMD CEN
Fernandez-Cuervo, Ignacio   ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC MIAMI INSPCTNS DIV
Guerra, Jessica             ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC JOSEPH NAPIER
Santiago, Brandon A.        ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC HAMILTON
Pringle, Keyshondra K.      ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC NEW YORK INCDNT MGT
Sutton, Connor S.           ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC COL RIVER ENFRCMNT
Skomer, Casey A.            ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC HOU/GAL ENFRCMNT
Roland, Russia S.           ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC MUNRO
Bonner, James A.            ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC STEADFAST
Yoakum II, Joseph A.        ADPL  13Oct2021  CG MFPU BANGOR
Rousseau, Marvyn            ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC LOWER MISS ENFRCMNT
Price, Dakoda H.            ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC LAWRENCE LAWSON
Baccay-Rivera, Bryanna A.   ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC FIR
Stone, Robert H.            ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC NOLA CMD CENTER
Towey, Daniel J.            ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC UPPER MISS INC MGT
Smith, Thomas A.            ADPL  13Oct2021  BASIC FLIGHT
Stuckey, Jarrett R.         ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC CORPUS CHR INSPCTNS
Hodges, Grace B.            ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC STEADFAST
Fiordalisi, Ashley I.       ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC SS MARIE INCDNT MGT
Smith, Jonathon B.          ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC HONOLULU CMD CENTER
Sebastian Echevarria, R.    ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC DETROIT INCIDENT MGT
Clansy, Andre J.            ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC BUFFALO CP/RDNS STF
McAndrews, Carmel M.        ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC DEPENDABLE
Carroll Jr., Brent J.       ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC NORTHLAND
Silva, Cristina M.          ADPL  13Oct2021  BASIC FLIGHT
Ortega, Rudolph J.          ADPL  13Oct2021  CGC RELIANCE
Hill, Adrian C.             ADPL  13Oct2021  MSU HOUMA
Lee, Sherilyn               ADPL  13Oct2021  SEC LA/LB ENFORCEMENT 
Torres, Jeremy E.           ADPL  27Oct2021  C5ISC DETECTION & ID SEC
Gasparre, Adam              ADPL  27Oct2021  YARD PUBLIC WORKS DEPT
Rising, Steven B.           ADPL  27Oct2021  C5ISC PLANNING SUPPORT
Kruppa, Michael D.          ADPL  27Oct2021  C5ISC MISS SUPT PROD 
Smith, Max T.               ADPL  27Oct2021  OL-(CG-2)-NMIO
Cockrum, Cody D.            ADPL  27Oct2021  PRO GULF COAST
Emas, Jonathan M.           ADPL  27Oct2021  SEC NORTH BEND AV OPS
Baffi, Jonathan C.          ADPL  27Oct2021  OL-SEC COL RIVER-PRTLND
Dadisman, David I.          ADPL  27Oct2021  BASE BOS ESD OPS DIV 
Wood, Ian C.                ADPL  27Oct2021  CG R&D CEN-IT & NETWRKS
Meier, William D.           ADPL  27Oct2021  NAV AIRSTA PENSACOLA
Alicea, Travis J.           ADPL  27Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-7612)
Bird, Colin A.              ADPL  27Oct2021  CGA INFORMATION SERVICES
Monaghan, Sean M.           ADPL  27Oct2021  C5ISC MAINT & OBSLSCNCE
Raitt, Garret T.            ADPL  27Oct2021  C5ISC SAFETY & NAV
Whitehead, Casey D.         ADPL  27Oct2021  C5ISC APPLICATION ENG 
Woodbury, Jarett B.         ADPL  27Oct2021  COMMANDANT (CG-9322)
Fitzgerald, Michael P.      ADPL  27Oct2021  SEC N CAROLINA INTEL 
Alomar, Omar A.             ADPL  27Oct2021  SEC MIAMI
Griffin, Colleen M.         ADPL  27Oct2021  CGC WILLIAM FLORES
To Chief Warrant Officer 4:
Robey, Brian L.             IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC LOWER MISS ENFRCMNT
Low, John R.                IDPL  01Oct2021  GST ENGINEERING DIV
Johnson, Dennis V.          IDPL  01Oct2021  PSU 307 MAINTENANCE DIV
Slowik, Anthony A.          IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC SAN DIEGO ENG/SUPP
Norman, Tracey E.           IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC ST PETE CP/RDNS STF
Erwin, Charles O.           IDPL  01Oct2021  SEC MOBILE INCIDENT MGT

6. Pay and allowances of the grade to which promoted are authorized 
from date of rank specified. Pay increases will normally be included
in payments for the first payday after the date of promotion.
7. For ceremonial purposes, a promotion certificate can be printed 
from the CG Portal at
As a reminder, please ensure your mailing address is accurate in 
Direct Access. If you are transferring in the near future, please 
contact CWO Alex Acevedo at and provide your
new mailing address.
8. Officers promoted to the grade of Commander or below during a 
reporting period must apply the submission criteria for the grade to
which promoted to determine when their next OER is due. See Chapter 
5.E of Ref B for details. Promotion OERs are required for promotion 
to Captain only if more than 182 days have elapsed since their 
previous OER submission.
9. The following is a six-month estimate of pending promotions. It 
is based on currently available PY21 information from the applicable
selection board ALCGPSC and is subject to change.
         NOV      DEC      JAN       FEB      MAR       APR
ADPL   74-77     78        79-81      0        0         0
IDPL   0         0          0         0        0         0
ADPL   307-318   319-322   323-327   0         328-330   331-332
IDPL   40-67     0         0         0         0         0
10. LT promotions normally occur 30 months from the LTJG date of 
rank. LTJG promotions normally occur 18 months from the ENS date of 
rank. IAW 14 USC 3747, all IDPL officers will be promoted on the same
date as their running mate. Law limits the number of LCDR and above 
promotions, and the number is authorized each year by Commandant. 
Each controlled grade can only comprise a certain percentage of the 
total officer corps. Even if the Coast Guard has vacant billets in a
controlled-grade, we can only promote officers until we reach our
authorized cap. The authorized number of officers in each controlled 
grade is determined every year in May after the Academy class 
graduates and the Coast Guard officer corps is at its largest. 
Promotion numbers for controlled grades are significantly larger 
during the summer months due to the higher number of officer 
separations during these months.
11. POC for Reserve Officers is LCDR Erin Bennett, PSC (RPM-1) 
(202)795-6517. POC for Regular Officers is LT Sara Pepin, PSC 
(OPM-1E) (202) 795-6443.
12. Released by: RDML S. N. Gilreath, Commander, CG Personnel Service
The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource, Our People.
13. Internet release is authorized.