united states coast guard

R 041230Z AUG 21
ALCOAST 279/21
SSIC 5700
1. Today, as we celebrate the Coast Guard’s 231st birthday,
I reflect on our rich history and heritage, as well as the
extraordinary level of service of our talented Coast Guard
workforce delivered throughout the past year. Across the globe,
our Service responded amidst the ongoing global pandemic,
adapting to constantly changing conditions and always
maintaining a taut watch. Every one of you—active duty, reserve,
civilian, and auxiliary—delivered mission excellence and remained
"Always Ready."
2. The Coast Guard performs complex missions in the most
challenging maritime environments. Our multi-mission capabilities,
broad authorities, organizational agility and flexibility, and
incident response expertise position the Service for excellence
and leadership in the maritime domain; this year is no exception.
As Americans stepped-up to support their neighbors, and healthcare
and service workers faced uncertain risks in their devoted care of
others, our workforce faced each day with courage and skill.
Coast Guard Day presents a terrific opportunity to pause for a
moment and thank all those who have supported us through this
dynamic 231st year.
3. What a year it has been. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our
operational units have been working incredibly hard, deployed
globally to enhance maritime security, partnerships, and vital
national interests. CGC POLAR STAR conducted a two-month winter
patrol in the Arctic, the first such patrol in 38 years, while
CGC HAMILTON completed a historic deployment to the Black Sea –
our first major cutter patrol there since 2008. And CGC MIDGETT
and CGC OLIVER BERRY recently participated in 3rd Fleet training
exercises with the Carl Vinson Strike Group off Hawaii, while
CGC MUNRO is currently enroute to support 7th Fleet and INDOPACOM
operations. Coast Guard Districts, Sectors, cutters, aircraft, and
other assets responded to 12 storms impacting our U.S. coastline
during the busiest Atlantic Basin hurricane season on record.
They also assisted in wildfires in Oregon and California, deployed
personnel in response to record flooding in the heartland, and
provided medical and logistical support to DHS partners operating
along the Southwest Border. Our inland cutters and Sectors responded
to over 1,100 marine incidents including casualties, oil discharges,
hazardous material releases, and myriad security threats. In May,
our Coast Guard Advanced Interdiction Team embarked aboard
USS Monterey, a Guided Missile Cruiser, boarded a dhow in the
Northern Arabian Sea and confiscated thousands of illicit weapons.
Of note, all of the aforementioned operational successes and
accomplishments were enabled by the professionalism and
responsiveness of our Mission Support workforce.
4. As we celebrate our 231st birthday, it is your perseverance and
dedication that make the United States Coast Guard the best in
the world. This year has truly accentuated a Coast Guard that is
Ready, Relevant, and Responsive! I thank each and every one of you
for your continued service, and your families for their perpetual
support in these most worthy endeavors.
5. ADM K. L. Schultz, Commandant (CCG), sends.
6. Internet release is authorized.