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By: MyCG Staff

Travel during the new fiscal year will look a little bit different as the service moves away from TPAX and ADTRAV and implement a new E-Gov Travel System 2 or ETS2. 

On October 1, 2021, the Coast Guard will transition to the new ETS2, with travel service provider, CWTSATO. This will replace the Coast Guard’s current system TPAX and booking provider ADTRAV. 

This transition will correlate with the migration of the new Financial System Management Solution (FSMS), and will comply with DHS mandates and audit requirements.

“As we begin to transition to the new system, implementation teams are working to minimize impact to the workforce and mission execution,” said Capt. Derek Smith, commanding officer, Pay and Personnel Center. “In the coming weeks, these implementation teams will be developing a series of informational announcements and training modules to educate the workforce.” 

The ETS2 travel system will be a self-service system, designed for booking travel arrangements, and routing orders through an approval hierarchy including authorizing officials (AO) and funds managers (FM). This new system will be a modern approach to travel that will ease the administrative burdens on commands as well as members who are waiting on travel orders. 

The sequencing of routing will be a cultural change to how some travel orders are created in the Coast Guard. Stay tuned for training at all levels to become acclimated to the new ETS2.

If you have any questions, please email the Travel Management Office Implementation project lead Cmdr. Bill Suter. 

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