united states coast guard

R 11 FEB 21

ALCGENL 021/21
A. CG PSC-EPM Memo 1430 of 28 JUN 2019 (May19 SWE Adv Eligibility List)
B. CG PSC-EPM Memo 1430 of 28 OCT 2020 (Musician Adv Eligibility List for E-7
through E-9)
D. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2 (series)
E. Military Assignments, COMDTINST M1000.8 (series)
1. Advancement cuts are based on forecasted losses and position reductions
during a specific period of eligibility and are designed primarily for
assignment officer planning purposes. As new data impacting the enlisted
workforce becomes available, the need to revise these cut numbers will be
examined and published quarterly.
2. The information below provides the cutoff number (ADV sequence) and the
name of the member at the cutoff position for the respective rate from Refs A
and B.
Exam   ADV  Name                     Exam   ADV  Name
Rate   Seq.                          Rate   Seq.
AETCM   5   Shawn Beaty              AMTCM   3   Jodie Morse
AETCS  14   Kevin Rodriguez Melendez AMTCS  13   Adrian Widner
AETC   30   Denis Slavinski          AMTC   42   Sean Traviglia       
ASTCM   1   Laurence Nettles         BMCM   16   Mark Coady
ASTCS   5   Dace Coombes             BMCS   78   Stephen Saflin
ASTC   10   Abram Heller             BMC   230   Christopher Taylor
CSCM    0                            DCCM    0                           
CSCS   23   Mark Grandjean           DCCS   13   Barry Joslin
CSC    47   Steven Slabaugh          DCC    29   Steven Weintraub
DVCM    0                            EMCM    0  
DVCS    0                            EMCS   24   Robert Bythewood
DVC     0   Exhausted                EMC    49   Wilfred Derouen
ETCM    5   David Fantley            GMCM    1   Laurie Kennedy
ETCS   15   Eric Lablance            GMCS    4   Randolph Mckee
ETC    63   Ivan Adams               GMC    14   Ronald Rosko
HSCM    4   Gustavo Cardonavelez     ISCM    0  
HSCS   11   Jennifer Perin           ISCS    0  
HSC    26   Kristine McKenzie        ISC    31   Dallas Shaw
ITCM    0                            MECM    0  
ITCS   10   Raymond Sarabia          MECS   12   David Mciver
ITC    48   Jason Coon               MEC    39   Ryan Swaoger
MKCM   15   James Jarden             MSTCM   1   Patrick Romanelli
MKCS   76   Michelle Roberts         MSTCS   7   Robert Alvarez
MKC   137   Stephen Demarcus         MSTC   42   Michelle Duty
MUCM    0                            OSCM    0  
MUCS    0                            OSCS    0   Exhausted
MUC     0                            OSC    64   Tamara Clancy                                  
PACM    0                            SKCM    0  
PACS    1   Sara Muir                SKCS   12   Jason Parrish 
PAC     0                            SKC    59   Jeremy Pellegrino
YNCM    4   Travis Gray
YNCS   20   Nicholas Vanderjagt
YNC    63   Daniel Plunkett
3. All ratings identified in Refs A and B are listed above. The original rank
order number may be found at the Pay and Personnel Center CG Portal site
ns%20Branch.aspx and is subject to change.
4. As a result of the cancellation of the May 2020 SWE, Ref A is effective
through 16 June 2021. Members who appear at or above the cutoffs on Ref A are
guaranteed advancement by the new 16 June 2021 expiration date if the member
remains eligible. Members above the cutoffs are considered not eligible for
further SWE competition until they advance.  Members below the cutoffs are
highly encouraged to participate in the May 2021 SWE competition provided
they remain eligible to compete.
5. Members and commands are reminded that, as outlined in Ref E, personnel
who compete for advancement must be prepared to be reassigned to fill
authorized positions at the next higher paygrade. Members who participated in
the SWE and are at or above the published cutoffs should apply for positions
at the pay grade to which they will advance.
6. Fleet-Ups and Extensions:
a. AOs will continue to maximize fleet-up opportunities where possible in
accordance with Ref E. Fleet-ups are for members in non-command cadre
b. Members advancing from the SWE will be considered for extensions based on
the needs of the service. Command endorsements are required for all extension
c. Members who are transferred prior to tour completion will retain their
current assignment priority (AP).
7. Per Ref D, the CO's recommendation for advancement is valid only for a
specific SWE competition and must be renewed for each succeeding competition.
The CO's recommendation for advancement must be maintained for the period
from recommendation to advancement. Members failing to maintain the CO's
recommendation for this period shall be invalidated from the SWE(s) in which
they participated. Members who are invalidated must be recommended and
qualify again through a new SWE competition.
8. Commanding Officers shall ensure basic eligibility and rating specific
advancement requirements are still met per Ref D. When removing members from
the SWE advancement eligibility list(s) due to not meeting these
requirements, the CO shall advise PPC (ADV) by e-mail via AOIX at CMD-SMB-CG-
PPC with CG PSC as information addressee at CMD-SMB-CG-PSC. Additional
guidance is available at
9. Per Ref C, the requirement for all E-6 members above the cutoff to attend
the Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOACAD) prior to advancement to E-7 is
temporarily suspended. Per Ref D, members above the cutoff for E-8 must
attend CPOACAD prior to advancement. Members will be automatically slated for
FY21 and FY22 CPOACAD convenings based on the member’s position on the
advancement eligibility list.  Members above the cutoff for E-9 must
successfully complete the Senior Enlisted Leadership Course (SELC) prior to
advancement. An Electronic Training Request must be submitted for the SELC
course. COMDT (CG-128) is the Program Manager for the enlisted leadership
continuum and the single point of contact for all CPOACAD and SELC requests
for waivers from advancement policy and deferral of course attendance.
10. This ALCGENL will remain in effect until 30 Jun 21.
11. CAPT J. A. Carter, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Division, CG
Personnel Service Center, sends.
12. Internet release authorized.