united states coast guard

05 FEB 21

ALCGRSV 005/21
A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
1. Chapter 6 of REF (A) governs the policies when reservists are injured
in the line of duty. This message does not change or replace any policies
contained in REF (A). IAW REF (A), Commander (CG PSC-RPM) oversees the
Coast Guard Reserve incapacitation system to ensure all cases are managed
fairly and consistently, in accordance with CG policy.
2. The best path for our ill and injured reservists to navigate the
complexities of the medical readiness and incapacitation system is for
Commands and RFRS staff at Districts (DXR), PAC-13, Areas, and DOL to
communicate with PSC-RPM and CG-R82 as soon as a situation arises needing
policy-guided action.
3. As a reminder, all Readiness Management Periods (RMPs) in connection
with an authorized Notice of Eligibility (NOE) must be approved prior to
any medical appointment.
4. After carefully considering input from the field, PSC-RPM is changing the
following administrative processes to assist members and Commands. The
following new processes will take effect immediately:
A. RMP Approval for NOE: The PSC-RPM processing time required for RMPs without
travel is reduced to 3 working days prior to the appointment. RMPs requiring
travel orders will now be 5 working days. Urgent requests will be processed
on a case-by-case basis. Previously, PSC-RPM required 10 working days to
process all types of RMP requests.
B. Requests for Multiple RMPs: Reservists on approved NOEs may request approval
for multiple RMPs in connection with an approved treatment plan. The goal is
to provide the member with better support and additional flexibility to receive care. 
(Example: MK3 Jones received batch approval from PSC-RPM-3 for six RMPs to
attend an initial appointment and then participate in recurring physical therapy.
The RMPs are entered in Direct Access by PSC-RPM-3 in a pending status. If MK3
Jones needs to reschedule one or more physical therapy sessions, the member sends
an email to PSC-RPM-3 at with the new
date(s), without having to resubmit a new request for the RMP(s). The member
copies the Command and RFRS staff at Districts (DXR), PAC-13, Areas, and DOL as
appropriate.)  Members requiring travel to attend multiple appointments in
accordance with an approved NOE will be issued a Document Type 13 TONO from
CG-R82 at the same time the RMPs are issued.
C. RMP Tracking/Accountability: CG-R82 will track PSC-RPM-3 approved RMPs in the
CFO-directed IDT Quarterly Validation process that is distributed to the District
(DXR), PAC-13, Area, and DOL-1 staffs. Unauthorized RMPs approved by the field
will be subject to cancellation and recoupment of funds.
D. Time-Sensitive Requests: Building upon paragraph 2 above, and in connection
with an approved NOE, if a Command feels RMP approval is required more quickly
than the new 3 or 5 day required timeline, please contact PSC-RPM-3 as soon as
possible at
(Example: BM2 Smith just received an approved NOE and has an appointment scheduled
the very next day. The Command should immediately send an email to PSC-RPM-3 at the email address with subject line
"IMMEDIATE REQUEST FOR RMP." The Command copies the RFRS staff at Districts (DXR),
PAC-13, Areas, and DOL as appropriate. All requests for RMPs must be emailed to
PSC-RPM-3 before the requested date and time of the RMP.)
5. RMPs in connection with a NOE shall be finalized for payment or points by
PSC-RPM-3.  Once the medical appointment is completed and proof the has been
received by PSC-RPM-3, the RMP will be finalized in DA. If verification is not
received with 30 days of the appointment, the RMP will be cancelled.
6. The preferred method for Commands and District, Area, and DOL staffs to contact
PSC-RPM-3 is via email at:
7. Updates and more information can be found on the PSC-RPM-3 Medical Section of
the CG Portal Page found here:
8. Working together, we can be Servant Leaders, care for, and meet the needs of our
Shipmates, and make every effort to reduce the overall processing time for RMP
execution. This will ensure timely and responsive care for Reservists injured in
the line of duty.
9. Points of contact:
A. PSC-RPM-3: CWO Gonzalez,
B. CG-R82: LT Mia Forni,
10. CAPT Michael W. Batchelder, Chief, CG PSC-RPM, sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.