Career Management and Development 2020

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CG Active Duty Members with Retirement Orders: Short notice on Webinar today, but passing along below for those considering Federal Government Civilian employment following retirement from active duty.  


Bob Hinds

CG Retiree Services (CG-1335)


From: Keck, Stephen R CIV <>

Sent: Wednesday, January 8, 2020 3:55 PM


Subject: Career Management and Development 2020


Happy New Year from your Civilian Career Management Office (CCM).


Upcoming items of interest: 


OPM is hosting a “Federal Government Interview” Webinar tomorrow, 09 January at 1400 EST. You must sign up prior to the event.

They will explain types of interviews, delivery methods, common questions, and preparing for an interview at:


On 14 January, OPM will also host a “Writing Your Federal Resume” Webinar at 1100 EST.

This will be an in-depth webinar that provides attendees with the tips and tools needed to write a competitive Federal resume. This session is free, however it is limited to 1500 participants.

Details can be found at:



The 2020 CCM mantra is the “YEAR of the IDP!” While not mandatory, the Individual Development Plan is an outstanding tool to assist every civilian in career, professional and leadership development.

It will help you identify and reach your short and long-term career goals and keep you on track. For more information and career development ideas, visit our CCM Portal Page:


Please visit our Portal Page and complete our simple 3 question survey. Future Webinars and Development Opportunities come from ideas generated by exceptional civilian employees like you!

Also, feel free to send us an email at