united states coast guard

27 NOV 19

ALCGENL 220/19
A. COMCOGARD Washington DC 01 Jun 18/ALCOAST 214/18
B. Leadership Development Framework, COMDTINST M5351.3
C. Military Personnel Data Records (PDR) System, COMDTINST M1080.10(series)
D. Commandant's Guidance to AY20 Enlisted Selection Boards and Panels
E. Enlisted, Evaluations, and Advancements COMDTINST M1000.2(series)
1. This message announces the implementation of the Master Chief Advancement
Panel(MCAP) for advancement to E-9. The MCAP will convene annually,
beginning in 2020,to select eligible active duty Senior Chief Petty Officers
for advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer. The MCAP was established to
be in concert with the Commandant’s Guiding Principles, detailed in Ref A.
This new advancement panel will serve as a talent management tool that will
strengthen the senior enlisted corps by incorporating qualitative information
found in a member’s record, with a focus on professionalism, leadership, and
2. This panel replaces the E-9 Servicewide Exam. All members who have completed
eligibility requirements for advancement to E-9 will be reviewed by the panel,
regardless of intention to compete for advancement.
a. Current eligibility requirements, as outlined in Ref E, remain in effect and
will be used by CG PSC-EPM to determine eligibility.
b. All eligibility requirements must be completed by the Panel Eligibility
Date (PED) of 1 February 2020.
c. Members will be able to verify their eligibility utilizing the Personal
Data Extract (PDE) generated in Direct Access in mid-February 2020.
d. Completion of the regularly scheduled active duty E8 EER end of marking
period, last day of November 2019 is mandatory. If by rare circumstance,
where policy precluded the ability to be evaluated in November 2019,
(for E8s subject to 184 day rule policy) SVM'S shall be evaluated at the end
of marking period, last day of February 2020. SVM's who are Master Chief
Advancement Panel Eligible and who do not desire to compete, must be marked
"Not Ready." In alignment with the Commandant's Guiding Principles,
the active duty end of marking period for the paygrade E8 enlisted evaluation
report (EER) commencing 2021 is annually in February. 
3. It is essential that all Senior Chief Petty Officers review and update
their personnel records (EI-PDR, ESS, and EERs) in preparation for this
advancement panel.  You should request your Electronically Imaged-Personnel
Data Record (EI-PDR) as soon as possible to allow for ample correction time.
4. Additional details, including how to request your EI-PDR, FAQs, and
reference material, are available on the CG PSC-EPM-1 Master Chief Advancement
Panel Portal site:
5. CG PSC-EPM-1 POCs: CDR A. L. Kirksey (202) 795-6565, LT M. J. Rice
(202) 795-6594, and YNC J. K. Richter (202) 795-6560.
6. CAPT S. Matadobra, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Division,
CG Personnel Service Center, sends.
7. Internet release authorized.