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R 011050 OCT 19
ALCOAST 310/19
1. October is National Domestic Violence Prevention Month. The observance is designed to
help service members, military spouses, and intimate partners build safer relationships
and prevent domestic abuse by increasing awareness of what patterns of behavior are
unhealthy and where to seek help and support, if needed.
2. Intimate partner violence is a serious, preventable public health problem that affects
millions of Americans. Intimate partner violence includes physical, sexual or psychological
harm inflicted by a current or former partner or spouse.
3. This year’s campaign, Mobilize Help for Safer Relationships "#Mobilize Help", focuses
on raising awareness regarding domestic abuse through technology, the importance of early
detection of technology–facilitated abuse, and seeking help to reduce the risk of serious
harm or violence. Technology-facilitated abuse is the use of technologies such as texting
and posting on social media to bully, harass, stalk, or intimidate a partner. It also
includes monitoring and stalking behaviors whereby one partner “keeps tabs” on the other’s
location, activities, and communications with friends and family outside the relationship
through apps or malware. If these behaviors sound familiar, know you are not alone.
4. The role of technology and its misuse in domestic violence cases is well-documented.
The widespread misuse of technology for abuse corresponds with the pervasive use of smart
phones among adults in the U.S., particularly among younger age groups most representative
of the service member population. The Coast Guard is committed to promoting the military
community’s understanding of “technology safety” and “technology–facilitated abuse” through
education, skill-building resources, counseling and support.
5. Preventing an unhealthy relationship and maintaining a healthy relationship will help stop
the cycle of domestic abuse. Healthy relationships can bring out our best, set the stage for
mission readiness and contribute to a successful career.
6. If you are a victim of intimate partner abuse or need help with feeling safe online and
in your relationship, contact your local Work-Life Field Office, Family Advocacy Program,
at 1-800-872-4957. A Family Advocacy Specialist is available to offer free and confidential
support, counseling, safety planning, and resources.
7. There are additional resources available to help you build a healthy relationship.
    a. CG SUPRT – CG SUPRT is available to assist active duty members, reservists, civilian
employees, and family members with a full range of issues such as financial matters,
relationship discord and other work life stressors. Call 1-855-CG-SUPRT (247-8778) or go
online at:
    b. Chaplains – Chaplains are invaluable resources. Call 1-855-USCG-CHC (872-4242) or
online at:
8. If you are a victims of intimate partner violence and need help:
    a. Call 911: If you feel someone is in immediate danger of hurting themselves or others.
    b. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. This hotline can
provide information regarding shelters, housing, counseling, job training, and legal
assistance in your area.
9. For additional information on the Family Advocacy Program, contact Ms. Johanna MacGillivray
the Family Advocacy Program Manager at or (202) 475 5161 or
CAPT Jerald Mahlau-Heinert, Health, Safety and Work-Life Service Center at or (757) 628-4795.
10. RADM Dana L. Thomas, Director of Health, Safety, and Work-Life, sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.