united states coast guard

03 SEP 19

ALCGENL 161/19
A. CG PSC-EPM Memo 1430 of 28 JUN 2019 (May19 SWE Adv Eligibility List)
B. CG PSC-EPM Memo 1430 of 3 JUL 2019 (Musician Adv Eligibility List for E-7
through E-9)
C. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2 (series)
1. Advancement cuts are based on forecasted losses and position reductions
during a specific period of eligibility and are designed primarily for
assignment officer planning purposes. As new data impacting the enlisted
workforce becomes available, the need to revise these cut numbers will be
examined and published quarterly.
2. The information below provides the cutoff number (ADV sequence) and the
name of the member at the cutoff position for the respective rate from Refs A
and B with exception of BM2 which uses the Supplemental List.
Exam   ADV  Name                     Exam   ADV  Name
Rate   Seq.                          Rate   Seq.
AETCM   0                            AMTCM   0  
AETCS   7   Richard Pina             AMTCS   6   Benjamin Graudin
AETC   18   Spencer Vince            AMTC   18   James Everhart
AET1   23   Robert Barnette          AMT1   16   Bradley Miller
AET2   32   Theodore Oja             AMT2   47   Robert Miller
ASTCM   0                            BMCM    9   Jeffery Scully
ASTCS   1   George Lockamy           BMCS   42   Benjamin Gaines
ASTC    4   Jeff Lowe                BMC   104   Robert Hopkins
AST1    5   Jacob Tartal             BM1   158   Kyle Vaders 
AST2   10   James Epperson           BM2    SL   Kyle Szymanski
CSCM    2   Matthew Simolon          DCCM    2   Curtis Hoyt
CSCS    5   Michael Langin           DCCS    5   Adam Hoff
CSC    11   Sammie Harris            DCC     9   Andrew Lewis
CS1     3   Nicholas Butler          DC1     8   Andrew Tauzer
CS2    26   Sebastian Aranda         DC2    13   Anthony Collis
DVCM    0                            EMCM    0  
DVCS    0                            EMCS    5   Jared Ireland
DVC     2   Kyle Mellon              EMC    21   Brandon Tahincioglu
DV1     1   Jesse Robb               EM1    20   Marco Mendez
                                     EM2    30   Michael Hill
ETCM    5   David Fantley            GMCM    1   Laurie Kennedy
ETCS    7   Rafael Rodriguez         GMCS    2   David Milliron
ETC    20   Matthew Brannon          GMC     6   Joseph White
ET1    18   Kevin Farmer             GM1     5   Dean Conserva
ET2    23   Kyle Koning              GM2     9   Christopher Mckinstry
HSCM    2   Shawn Meyer              ISCM    1   David Mccalister
HSCS    4   Justin Stephen           ISCS    0  
HSC     8   Heather Johnson          ISC     5   Jacob Zimmerman
HS1     5   Rebecca Smith-Heshley    IS1    26   Trevor Doubek
HS2     4   Lisa Orr                 IS2    40   Milady Burrowes 
ITCM    0                            MECM    0  
ITCS    1   Kyle Hebert              MECS   10   Stephen Siraco
ITC     9   David Cammel             MEC    24   Bradley Meyer
IT1    13   Zachary Guzman           ME1    20   Elias DelosReyes
IT2    24   Jacob Payton             ME2    26   Nathan Cook
MKCM    5   Corey Weisman            MSTCM   0  
MKCS   28   Nathaniel Mcloud         MSTCS   2   James Frank
MKC    71   Reggie Wellemeyer        MSTC   18   Juan Patino
MK1    52   Jeramiah Montgomery      MST1   10   Zachary Strack
MK2    88   Samuel Abbott            MST2    8   Brian Hanson
MUCM    0                            OSCM    0  
MUCS    0                            OSCS    8   Levi Campbell
MUC     0                            OSC    19   Christopher Harper
                                     OS1    20   Amanda Lewis
                                     OS2    28   Charles Esposito
PACM    0                            SKCM    0  
PACS    0                            SKCS    5   Pascal Joseph
PAC     0                            SKC    21   Darnell Geralds
PA1     0                            SK1    13   Tracey Caraballo
PA2     0                            SK2    18   Tanner Hodges
YNCM    3   Seth Cockram
YNCS    7   Trisha Ortiz-Frazier
YNC    30   Lauren Lukehart
YN1    12   Kathleen Campbell
YN2    19   Kelsey Crowder
3. All ratings identified in Refs A and B are listed. Original rank order
number may be found at the Pay and Personnel Center CG Portal site
ns%20Branch.aspx and is subject to change.
4. Advancements to BM2 will be made using the BM2 Supplemental List found at
ns%20Branch.aspx and is subject to change. The name published in this message
is the BM2 cut and all names above it will be advanced.
5. Members who appear at or above the cutoff on a SWE eligibility list are
assured of advancement if they remain eligible. However, these members are
considered not eligible for further SWE competition until they advance off
this SWE eligibility list.  Personnel placing below the cutoffs are highly
encouraged to participate in the upcoming SWE competition provided they
remain eligible to compete.
6. Per Ref C, the Commanding Officer's recommendation for advancement is
valid only for a specific competition and must be renewed for each succeeding
competition. The CO's recommendation for advancement must be maintained for
the period from recommendation to advancement. Members failing to maintain
the CO's recommendation for this period shall be invalidated from the SWE(s)
in which they participated. Members who have been invalidated must be
recommended and qualify again through a new SWE competition.
7. Commanding Officers shall ensure basic eligibility and rating specific
advancement requirements are still met per Ref B. When removing members from
the SWE advancement eligibility list(s) due to not meeting these
requirements, the CO shall advise PPC (ADV) by e-mail via AOIX at CMD-SMB-CG-
PPC with CG PSC as information addressee at CMD-SMB-CG-PSC. Additional
guidance is available at
8. Per Ref C, members newly above the cutoff for E-7 or E-8 must complete the
Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOACAD) to be eligible to advance to the next
higher paygrade.  Members will be automatically slated for FY-20 convening
based on the member’s position on the advancement eligibility list. Members
above the cutoff for E-9 must complete the Senior Enlisted Leadership Course
(SELC) to be eligible to advance to E-9 and must submit an Electronic
Training Request for the course.  COMDT (CG-128) is the Program Manager for
the enlisted leadership continuum and the single point of contact for all
CPOACAD and SELC requests for waivers from advancement policy and deferral of
course attendance.
9. CAPT S. Matadobra, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Division, CG
Personnel Service Center, sends.
10. Internet release authorized.