united states coast guard

R 20 JUN 19

ALCGPSC 066/19
A. Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS), COMDTINST 1330.1D
1. Per REF A, the Personnel Service Center, Reserve Personnel Management 
Division (PSC-RPM), manages the following long-term, non-contingency 
     a. Long-term ADOS-AC authorized by CG-8 for a given fiscal year as 
part of the annual ceiling.  Fiscal year ADOS-AC ceilings were announced 
by REF B.
     b. Long-term ADOS-AC authorized by CG-8 in support of an approved 
reimbursable agreement.
     c. Long-term ADOS-RC authorized by CG-R82.
2. The long-term non-contingency ADOS assignment process mirrors the 
established permanent change of station (PCS) assignment process and 
is managed within Direct Access. Procedures for long-term non-
contingency ADOS are outlined below.
     a. ADOS Requestor responsibilities:
       (1) The ADOS requestor acquires funding from CG-8 as per REF B. 
IAW REF A, the sponsoring unit or program is responsible for all ADOS 
costs, such as, pay and benefits, travel and per diem, and permanent 
change of station (PCS)transfer costs (when applicable). Per REF B, 
requestors must work with their respective ADOS cap managers to request 
ADOS position creation from CG-8 and submit the approved and funded ADOS 
requirements to PSC-RPM-2. A valid position number is critical to the 
ADOS request, as it ensures that funding has been approved by CG-8 for 
ADOS-AC or by CG-131 for ADOS-RC. ADOS requestors are required to contact 
their ADOS cap manager, as identified in REF B.
	(2) Once funding and position number(s) are acquired, the unit 
may submit a “Long-term Non-Contingency ADOS Request for Personnel 
Support” form to:  ARL-SMB-LTNon-ContingencyADOS(at)  ADOS cap 
managers may submit this information on the requestor’s behalf.  Allow a 
minimum of 75 days in advance of the requested start date for sufficient 
processing. The form is available on the PSC RPM-2 website: https://www.
        (3) If the same non-contingency, non-reimbursable ADOS requirement 
will exist for three consecutive years, then the sponsoring unit or 
program shall submit a waiver request to CG-R to continue resourcing the 
requirement as outlined in article 6.f.(1) of REF A.
	(4) The sponsoring unit or program must completely exhaust all 
alternatives to filling an ADOS requirement prior to submitting a waiver 
request for a reservist they elect as a by-name-candidate who requires a 
waiver (e.g., 16/18 years active duty, age 60, 1095 Rule, etc.) IAW 
article 6. of REF A.
    b. ADOS Applicant responsibilities:
       (1) All applicants, including those currently on long-term 
non-contingency ADOS, shall follow this application guidance.
       (2) Interested applicants shall apply for ADOS positions in Direct 
Access Mobilization System.
       (3) ADOS applicants must comply with the requirements outlined 
in paragraph 5.C.1 of REF A, to include obtaining any waiver approvals 
(e.g., 16/18 years active duty, age 60, 1095 Rule, etc.) within the 
required timeframe.
       (4) All applicants must obtain Command approval via Direct Access 
Mobilization System prior to being considered for long-term non-contingency 
       (5) Reservists accepting ADOS orders must contact their 
Assignment Officer (AO) to inform them of their assignment status.  For 
AO contact information, see PSC-RPM website:
       (6) IAW with REF A, reservists on long-term ADOS must compete for 
assignment to a permanent position on PAL as part of the deactivation 
process.  Reservists who fail to compete will be released from active 
duty to the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) until successfully competing 
for an assignment to a permanent reserve position on PAL.
       (7) Reserve members, particularly officers, must carefully 
weigh long-term career considerations, including potential impact on 
SELRES assignments, against short-term benefits of performing ADOS, and 
are encouraged to contact their AO for assignment guidance.
     c. PSC-RPM responsibilities:
       (1) Solicit applications for all funded ADOS positions via 
Direct Access Mobilization System.
       (2) Input position data, position requirements and unit POC 
information into Direct Access Mobilization System.
       (3) Create a slate of candidates based on Direct Access Mobilization 
System applicants. PSC-RPM assignment officers will use the criteria 
outlined in paragraph 5.C.2.b of REF A to assign members to long-term non-
contingency ADOS on a best-qualified basis from among candidates responding 
to Coast Guard-wide solicitations.
       (4) Notify members Servicing Personnel Office (SPO), drilling 
unit, and the sponsoring unit of the selection.
       (5) Provide applicable information to the members SPO to create 
ADOS orders in conjunction with the ADOS assignment.
       (6) Function as final authorizing official for long-term non-
contingency ADOS orders.
       (7) Obtain PCS TONO and line of accounting from DCMS-831 as 
required for orders.
       (8)  Correspond with SPO on all order related issues.
     d. P&A Office/SPO responsibilities:
       (1) Provide PCS entitlement counseling to the selected member in 
conjunction with receipt of PCS orders.
       (2) Create ADOS orders in accordance with applicable procedures.
3. PSC-RPM POC: YNC Brian Dove, (202) 795-6530, or YN2 Justin Henderson, (202) 795-6516,
4. Released by: CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, Personnel Service  
5. Internet release authorized.