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R 180834 DEC 18
UNCLAS //N06010//
ALCOAST 418/18
A. Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) Program, DoDI 6200.06 (series)
B. Coast Guard Periodic Health Assessment (PHA), COMDTINST 6150.3 (series)
C. Coast Guard Strategic Plan 2018-2022
1. To ensure Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) and to ensure Coast Guard (CG) Service
Members (SMs) receive all recommended Clinical Preventive Services, REFs (A) and (B)
require all CG military personnel to complete an annual PHA.
2. Only 43% of CG SMs have completed the new PHA which was implemented in Mar 2018.
When the new PHA was implemented the requirement to get the PHA during the birth month
period was removed; instead all SMs were to have a PHA at least every 12 months.
3. In an effort to make it easier for CG SMs to know when their PHA is due, the birth month
period requirement is hereby re-instituted, effective 1 Jan 2019. This means that a CG SM’s
PHA will turn yellow (coming due) in Coast Guard Business Intelligence (CGBI) on the first
day of the month that is two months before their birth month, and is due by the last day of
their birth month. This will result in some personnel needing a new PHA sooner than they
would have under the 12 month system. This is in line with the Commandant’s top priority of
maximizing readiness today and tomorrow as found in REF (C).
4. Units with at least 30 Reservists and Units using TRICARE Prime Remote may request an
exception to the birth month period policy in order to have an annual Reserve Health Readiness
Program (RHRP) Group Event for PHAs. The exception will only apply to Reserve and TRICARE
Prime Remote personnel. An RHRP Group Event is when the RHRP contractor sends contract
medical personnel to the unit to conduct PHAs and other IMR services onsite. Minimums apply –
no Group Events will be authorized for less than 30 PHAs unless no RHRP provider is available
within 50 miles of the Unit’s location. CG SMs who cannot make it to their unit’s annual Group
Event will have to contact their regional Health Services Technician (HS) to schedule an
in-clinic PHA using the RHRP network. A list of regional HSs can be found at:
-17-135417-933. Units desiring such Group Events must notify HSC Athan Anderson
( of their intent NLT 31 Jan 19 or the birth month period policy will
apply for remainder of Calendar Year 2019.
5. CG SMs are reminded that in order to improve PHA completion rates, effective 1 Sep 18 through
1 Mar 19, CG SMs assigned to CG clinics and Department of Defense (DoD) clinics may use the RHRP
to complete their PHAs as authorized by REF (D). This gives these CG SMs another option to
accomplish their PHA. Group Events are not authorized, however, except for Reservists and TRICARE
Prime Remote units.  Members who are seen at CG clinics who want to try this option should contact
their clinic, while those who are seen at DoD clinics should contact their servicing regional HS
as in Paragraph 4 above.
6. CG SMs who are on aviation or dive status must complete their PHA at their assigned CG or DoD
aviation or dive/undersea medicine clinic.
7. CG SMs always have the right to refuse medical readiness services which they feel they have
already received recently enough to meet medical readiness requirements. If CG SMs receive orders,
through RHRP, for medical readiness services they feel they do not require, they must immediately
contact their regional Health Services Technician (HS) for guidance. In some cases, the HS may be
unaware of recent medical care received by the SM and can update the SM’s medical records and
remove the unnecessary RHRP order(s).
8. POC: CDR Shane Steiner (Chief, Preventive Medicine, COMDT (CG-1121)), 202-475-5256,
9. RADM Erica G. Schwartz, Director, Health, Safety, and Work-Life, sends.
10. Internet release is authorized.