united states coast guard

R 30 NOV 18

ALCGENL 186/18
A. CG PSC Memo 1430 of 28 JUN 2018 (May18 SWE Adv Eligibility List)
B. CG PSC Memo 1430 of 14 JUL 2018 (Musician Adv Eligibility List for E-7
through E-9)
C. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2 (series)
D. COMCOGARD PSC Washington DC 04 JUN 18 ALCGPSC 072/18
1. Advancement cuts are based on forecasted losses and position reductions
during a specific period of eligibility, and are designed primarily for
assignment officer planning purposes. As new data impacting the enlisted
workforce becomes available, the need to revise these cut numbers will be
examined and published quarterly.
2. The information below provides the cutoff number (ADV sequence) and the
name of the member at the cutoff position for the respective rate from Refs A
through B.
Exam   ADV  Name                     Exam   ADV  Name
Rate   Seq.                          Rate   Seq.
AETCM   7   William Deuster          AMTCM   2   Jacob Linder
AETCS   7   William Matthews         AMTCS   6   Brian Baker
AETC   20   Brennen Bridgeford       AMTC   41   Lee Forsblom
AET1    9   Michael Vanberkom        AMT1   13   Timothy Bundy
AET2    7   Austin Clary             AMT2    0  
ASTCM   0                            BMCM   13   Karel Mullen
ASTCS   0                            BMCS   35   Jason Herbert
ASTC    4   Jonathan Foss            BMC   102   Barbara Elkins
AST1    1   Jason Dahl               BM1   148   Kevin Rambo
AST2    6   Evan Gallant             BM2         Supplemental List
CSCM    1   Radford Hoffpauir        DCCM    0
CSCS   11   Javieer Pagan            DCCS    2   Paul Macleod
CSC    30   Robert Deaver            DCC    12   Daniel George
CS1    41   Dana Humphrey            DC1    14   Eric Shambaugh
CS2    56   Linda Ramos              DC2    36   Rylan Burum
DVCM    0                            EMCM    4   Steven Pacheco
DVCS    0                            EMCS   15   Zachary Clark
DVC     3   Manuel Severino          EMC    50   Edward Coughlin
DV1     4   Tucker Day               EM1    28   David Richardson
                                     EM2    41   Christian Melendez
ETCM    0                            GMCM    1   Wilberto Ramos
ETCS    2   Jack Setzer              GMCS    3   Kyle Pulk
ETC    14   Jeremy Sandner           GMC     8   Tyrel Krebsbach
ET1    14   Dylan McCullough         GM1     6   Joshua Klunder
ET2    42   Forrest Mooreey          GM2    16   Brian Williams
HSCM    0                            ISCM    1   Robert Meusel
HSCS    3   Brian Flor               ISCS    6   Roberto Puente
HSC    13   Catherine Vongunten      ISC    19   Jake Solis
HS1    16   Katelyn Braswell         IS1    26   Michail Somsapya
HS2    21   Allison Mueller          IS2    51   Carney Hocking
ITCM    0                            MECM    0  
ITCS    4   Erik Wissmann            MECS    6   Brian Milcetich
ITC    23   Dwayne Bradley           MEC    12   Juan Baca
IT1    21   Jose Piza                ME1    30   Kevin Edwardssweitzer
IT2    20   Imani Hudson             ME2    41   Derek Wheeler
MKCM    6   Francis Tatu             MSTCM   4   Kenneth Brockhouse
MKCS   23   Andrew Phelps            MSTCS  10   Ryan Mckay
MKC    83   Joshua Lockwood          MSTC   22   Dennis DeLoatch
MK1    78   James Haurand            MST1   15   Robin Branch
MK2   145   Randal Berg              MST2   29   Kenan Harden
MUCM    0                            OSCM    2   Jeremy Weaver
MUCS    0                            OSCS   18   Ryan Cantu
MUC     1   Edward Burke             OSC    35   Katherine Zanickrowsky
                                     OS1    33   Kristin Barwick
                                     OS2    59   Joshua Oakes
PACM    0                            SKCM    2   Clifford Cook
PACS    0                            SKCS    8   Blake Rausch
PAC     2   William Colclough        SKC    33   John Foster
PA1     1   Meredith Manning         SK1    31   Niko Langas
PA2     2   Johanna Strickland       SK2    44   Martin Ramirez
YNCM    5   Danial Desjardin
YNCS    9   Valerie McDevitt
YNC    26   Sarah Birdwell
YN1    30   Josiah Witter
YN2    38   Julius Joseph
3. All ratings identified in Refs A to B are listed. Original rank order
number may be found at the Pay and Personnel Center CG Portal site
ns%20Branch.aspx and is subject to change.
4. Members who appear at or above the cutoff on a SWE eligibility list are
assured of advancement if they remain eligible. However, these members are
considered not eligible for further SWE competition until they advance off
this SWE eligibility list.  Personnel placing below the cutoffs are highly
encouraged to participate in the upcoming SWE competition providing they
remain eligible to compete.
5. Per Ref C, the Commanding Officer's recommendation for advancement is
valid only for a specific competition and must be renewed for each succeeding
competition. The CO's recommendation for advancement must be maintained for
the period from recommendation to advancement. Members failing to maintain
the CO's recommendation for this period shall be invalidated from the SWE(s)
in which they participated. Members who have been invalidated must be
recommended and qualify again through a new SWE competition.
6. Per Article 3.A.13.d of Ref C and Ref D, personnel who have been selected
for promotion to CWO, above the cutoff on the CWO list, are ineligible for
advancement to E-7, E-8, or E-9 unless the individual concerned has notified
both Commander (CG PSC-OPM) and (CG PSC-EPM) of their intention to decline
appointment to CWO.
7. Per Ref C, members newly above the cutoff for E-7 or E-8 must complete the
Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOACAD) to be eligible to advance to the next
higher paygrade.  Members will be automatically slated for FY-18 convening
based on the member’s position on the advancement eligibility list. Members
above the cutoff for E-9 must complete the Senior Enlisted Leadership Course
(SELC) to be eligible to advance to E-9 and must submit an Electronic
Training Request for the course.  COMDT (CG-128) is the Program Manager for
the enlisted leadership continuum and the single point of contact for all
CPOACAD and SELC requests for waivers from advancement policy and deferral of
course attendance.
8. CAPT S. Matadobra, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management, CG Personnel
Service Center, sends.
9. Internet release authorized.