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R 23 OCT 18
ALCGPSC 132/18 SUBJ: PY19 RPA SELECTION AND PERMANENCY DESIGNATION BOARD RESULTS A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3(series) 1. The Secretary, acting for the President, has approved the report of the selection board convened on 7 Aug 2018, which recommended the following Coast Guard Reserve Officers serving on active duty as Reserve Program Administrators for promotion to the next higher grade. Officers selected are listed below in precedence order: a. CAPT: NO RANK NAME UNIT (AS OF BOARD CONCLUSION) 1 CDR FOOS, ALEXANDER C. COMMANDANT (CG-1313) b. CDR: NO RANK NAME UNIT (AS OF BOARD CONCLUSION) 1 LCDR BRENNECKE, ANDREW P. LANTAREA (15) 2 LCDR CODD, JOHN B. NPFC CASE MGMT DIV (CM) 3 LCDR WATSON, MARIE E. BASE SEA PERS SUPPORT DEPT 4 LCDR BARAJAS, OMAR A. COMMANDANT (CG-DCMS-81) c. LCDR: NO RANK NAME UNIT (AS OF BOARD CONCLUSION) 1 LT WONG-REISS, JENNIFER C. PSU 305 LOGISTICS DEPT 2 LT VANKOSKI, DANA M. SEC SAN DIEGO CP/RDNS STF 3 LT SPRAGINS, STEPHEN E. D14 RESOURCE MGMT STAFF (DM) 4 LT AUSLEY, KIA K. D5 FORCE READINESS BR (DXR) 5 LT SMITH, TODD P. SEC NEW YORK CP/RDNS STF 6 LT CROWTHER, CHRISTOPHER J.PSU 312 LOGISTICS 7 LT SANCHEZ, MARK M. COMMANDANT (CG-1312) 8 LT LACY, BARRON K. PACAREA (15) 9 LT FRANCIS, TERRYANN G. PSC RPM-1 10 LT ROBINSON, CECILIA SEC MARYLAND-NCR CP/RDNS STF d. LT: NO RANK NAME UNIT (AS OF BOARD CONCLUSION) 1 LTJG TULL, JESSICA A. SEC N CAROLINA CP/RDNS STF 2. The Commandant has approved the report of the designation board convened on 8 Aug 2018, which recommended the following officers of the Coast Guard reserve serving as provisional Reserve Program Administrators (RPAs) be designated as permanent RPAs. Officers selected are listed below in precedence order: NO RANK NAME UNIT (AS OF BOARD CONCLUSION) 1 LT Forni, Mia Rose SEC SE NEW ENG CP/RDNS STF 2 LT Graff, Stephen K COMMANDANT (CG-1312) 3 LT Rogers, Brendan C. D8 FORCE READINESS BR (DXR) 4 LT Snyder, Jessica L PSC RPM-2 3. Officer selection boards review only officers' records and any communications from candidates directly to the board. The boards are given eligibility rosters of the candidates in alphabetical order. Above and In-Zone officer rosters are combined so that the status of each candidate is not discernible. Only the officer portion of a record is viewable by the board. 4. Ref A outlines the In-Zone Reordering tool available to all ADPL and RPA best-qualified promotion boards for ranks O-3 thru O-6. The Board chose not to use this tool. 5. Selection statistics for this board are provided below. There are many variables (e.g., changes in performance, group size, approved voluntary separations, etc.) that will cause selection rates to fluctuate from year to year. Documented sustained high performance is the best way to remain competitive for promotion. 6. Actual selection rates for In and Above-Zone: For CAPT: (1/2 – 50%) For CDR: (4/6 – 67%) For LCDR: (10/11 – 91%) For LT: (1/1 – 100%) 7. Selection rates by gender: a. For CAPT: Female: (0/1 – 0%) Male: (1/1 – 100%) b. For CDR: Female: (1/1 – 100%) Male: (3/5 – 60%) c. For LCDR: Female: (5/5 – 100%) Male: (5/6 – 83%) d. For LT: Female: (1/1 – 100%) Male: (0/0 – 0%) 8. Selection rates by race and ethnicity categories (only applicable categories are listed): a. For CAPT: Multi-Race: (1/1 – 100%) White: (0/1 – 0%) Non-Hispanic: (2/2 – 100%) b. For CDR: Declined Race Comment: (2/2 – 100%) Multi-Race (0/1 – 0%) White: (2/3 – 67%) Hispanic: (1/1 – 100%) Non-Hispanic: (2/4 – 50%) Declined Ethnicity Comment: (1/1 – 100%) c. For LCDR: American Indian/Alaskan Native: (1/1 – 100%) Black of African American: (4/4 – 100%) Declined Race Comment: (2/3 - 67%) Multi-Race: (1/1 -100%) White: (2/2 – 100%) Non-Hispanic: (7/7 – 100%) Declined Ethnicity Comment: (3/4 – 75%) d. For LT: White: (1/1 – 100%) Non-Hispanic: (1/1 – 100%) 9. A lieutenant commander continuation board was held in conjunction with this board. One LCDR was recommended for continuation. 10. The Board's membership and units are: NAME UNIT RADM Steven J. Andersen COMMANDANT (CG-094) CAPT William F. Csisar COMMANDANT (CG-131) CAPT Philip R. Prather PACAREA CAPT Christina M. Davidson CG SAR CAPT Mark B. Walsh LANT37 11. The precept which convened this board and charged the members with their duties, and the Commandant's Guidance to Promotion Year 2018 Officer Selection Boards and Panels is available at the following links: 12. The proceedings of the selection and permanency designation boards, including deliberations and criteria for selection, cannot be disclosed to any person who was not a member of the board. If there are any questions regarding the board process, please contact LCDR Ginny Nadolny, Chief, Boards Section, at and CWO Jennifer Bell at Questions regarding officer status or precedence should be directed to LT Luke Strittmatter at Questions regarding career guidance should be emailed to CDR Kristina Lewis at PSC-OPM-4 at 13. Released by CAPT G. T. Prestidge., Commander, Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource – Our People. 14. Internet release is authorized.