Solicitation for CG National Retiree Council Co-Chairs

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Coast Guard Retired (and Transitioning) Flag Officers and Master Chief Petty Officers:


The Commandant is actively seeking one Coast Guard Flag Officer and one Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO), retired or to be retired by April 2019, to serve as CG National Retiree Council (CGNRC) co-chairs.  The CGNRC was chartered in 1982 and its primary mission continues: "To sustain open and positive lines of communication between the Commandant and the entire Coast Guard military retiree community through the Commandant's executive agent, the Director of Reserve and Military Personnel (CG-13)."  CGNRC co-chairs are appointed for a three year tenure, with responsibility to meet/communicate regularly with the executive agent (CG-13), chair annual council meetings at CG Headquarters, and personally brief the Commandant and CG leadership annually on issues and activities of importance to the CG Retiree Services Program, CGNRC, and military retiree community.  The CGNRC co-chairs also represent the Coast Guard, as required, at other military services’ retiree council meetings.  The current CGNRC co-chairs will conclude their tenure in April 2019 upon appointment of new co-chairs during the Council’s annual meeting at CG Headquarters in Washington, DC.  The mission, strategic priorities, responsibilities, and other official policy/procedures of the CG Retiree Services Program, including CGNRC, are detailed in CI 1800.5H, accessible at:     


For additional information, interested individuals may contact current CGNRC co-chairs, RADM Ron Rábago, USCG (Ret),; MCPO Kevin Isherwood, USCG (Ret),; or RDML Matt Sibley, Director of Reserve and Military Personnel (CG-13),; or Mr. Robert Hinds, CG Retiree Services Program Manager,, phone 202-475-5451. Applicants are asked to send a brief e-mail to Mr. Robert Hinds, with current BIO, requesting appointment, with a three year tenure from April 2019 – April 2022.   The application deadline is 15 December 2018.  Applicants will be scheduled for informal phone interviews with current CGNRC co-chairs and CG-13.  CG-13 will convene a panel in January 2019 for selection of new CGNRC co-chairs.



Bob H


Bob Hinds, MS

Retiree Services Program Manager

USCG Commandant (CG-13)

Office: 202-475-5451


USCG CWO4 (Ret), Honorary CG MCPO