united states coast guard

05 SEP 18
ALCGPSC 106/18
A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
1. The Commandant has approved the report of the Captain Retention Board convened 
on 10 July 2018 which recommended the following captains on the Inactive Duty 
Promotion List (IDPL) for retention in an active status. Officers selected for 
retention are listed below in precedence order:
NO     	Rank    Name                    	Unit
1	CAPT	Nolan, John P.	                COMMANDANT (CG-DCO-X)
2	CAPT	Murakami, Mark M.	        PACAREA (01)
3	CAPT	Clark, Daniel W.	        PACAREA (37)
4	CAPT	Schaefer, Franklin H.	        PACAREA (35)
5	CAPT	Hill, Steven J.	                CGRU USSOUTHCOM
6	CAPT	Lafferty, Miriam L.	        D7 RESOURCE MGMT STAFF (DM)
7	CAPT	Travers, Jennifer A.	        COMMANDANT (CG-DCO-X)
8	CAPT	Arnold, Michael K.	        D5 COMMAND CADRE (D)
9	CAPT	Ferullo, Michael J.	        LANTAREA (39)
10	CAPT	Galbo, Evan J.	                DDE-CORIVGRU 1
11	CAPT	Lumpkin, Jill I.	        CGRU JTRU US TRANSCOM
12	CAPT	Catudal, Ronald J.	        CGRU USNORTHCOM
13	CAPT	Danko, Tiffany G.	        D8 COMMAND CADRE (D)
14	CAPT	Hiigel, Joanna K.	        CGRU USPACOM
15	CAPT	Spolidoro, Michael A.	        COMMANDANT (CG-1311)
16	CAPT	Barton, Michael G.	        COMMANDANT (CG-LPD)
17	CAPT	Wadleigh, Matthew D.	        PORT SECURITY UNIT 309
18	CAPT	Ames, Mark E.	                D11 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV (DX)
19	CAPT	Dame, Leon D.	                MSRT WEST SUPPLY/FINANCE DIV
20	CAPT	Pak, Colleen M.	                DIR OF OPERATIONAL LOGISTICS
21	CAPT	Fain, Stacie L.	                LANTAREA (35)
22	CAPT	Fitzgerald, Daniel J.	        DD-LSC ALAMEDA
23	CAPT	Bamford, George	                CGRU USSOUTHCOM
24	CAPT	Decker, Timothy W.	        D9 COMMAND CADRE (D)
25	CAPT	Bralliar, Rachael B.	        CG LSC COMMAND STAFF
26	CAPT	Schiro, Tabitha A.	        D17 COMMAND CADRE (D)
27	CAPT	Bernstein, Eric S.	        SEC N NEW ENG CMD CADRE
28	CAPT	Green, Ronzelle L.	        COMMANDANT (CG-21)
2. Officer retention boards review only officers records and any communications 
sent directly from candidates to the board. To ensure that all candidates compete 
on a level playing field, officer retention boards only see the officer portion 
of a record. The board is also given a roster of the eligible candidates listed 
in alphabetical order. 
3. Retention statistics for this board are provided below. There are many 
variables, e.g., changes in performance, group size, approved voluntary 
separations, etc., that will cause selection rates to fluctuate from year to year 
among groups. Documented, sustained, high performance is the best way to remain 
competitive for retention. Approved voluntary retirement requests appearing before 
this board: 2.
4. Selection rates by gender:
   a. Female (9/9 - 100%)
   b. Male (19/24 - 79%)
5. Selection rates by race category:
   a. Asian (0/0)
   b. Black or African American (2/2 - 100%)
   c. Multiple Race (2/2 - 100%)
   d. Native American/Alaskan Native (0/0) 
   e. Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (0/0)
   f. White (23/28 - 82%)
   g. Declined to respond (1/1 - 100%)
6. Selection rates by ethnic group:
   a. Hispanic (0/1 - 0%)
   b. Non-Hispanic (28/32 - 85%)
   c. Declined to Respond (0/0)Selection rates by gender:
7. The precept which convened this board and charged the members with their
duties, and the Commandant's Guidance to Promotion Year 2019 (PY19) Officer 
Selection Boards and Panels, are available at: 
8. The Board's membership and units are:
Name                                	Unit
RADM John S. Welch, USCGR		Retired
RADM Francis S. Pelkowski, USCGR	Retired
RADM Meredith L. Austin, USCG           D5 COMMAND CADRE (D)
RADM John P. Nadeau, USCG		COMDT (CG-5P)
9. Proceedings of the retention board, including its deliberations and criteria 
for retention, cannot be disclosed to any person who was not a member of the board. 
If there are any questions regarding the board process, contact LT Josh Denney
at 202-795-6509. If there are any questions about the board results, 
contact CAPT Michael Wampler at 202-795-6499.
10. Released by: CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, Personnel Service Center. 
The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource - Our People. 
11. Internet release authorized.