united states coast guard

R 131315 JUL 18
UNCLAS //N01650//
ALCOAST 254/18
1. I am pleased to announce that the winner of the fifth annual Excellence in Marine Inspections
Award is Mr. Geoffrey Scibek of Marine Safety Unit Huntington, West Virginia. Every day, our
well trained and skilled Marine Inspectors make difficult decisions with enormous impacts on
the safety and security of the shipping industry and marine transportation system. This award
recognizes the duty Marine Inspector who best demonstrated the characteristics of a valuable
mentor, has had especially noteworthy impacts on increasing marine safety, displayed exceptional
technical expertise, and exhibited the highest levels of professionalism. A board of five Marine
Inspectors was convened to assess the 22 nominations that were submitted and selected a winner.
2. Mr. Scibek is an exemplary marine safety professional and a superior mentor for junior
inspectors. He strategically built a three pronged approach for the unit’s towing vessel
inspection training program which greatly facilitated the initial qualification of five new
towing vessel inspectors and ensured they are well versed in the new regulations and extremely
competent in their duties. He showcased an unwavering commitment of improving safety of life at
sea during the review and approval for the installation of satellite telemetry equipment on the
barge fleet of one of the largest petroleum companies in the nation. His extensive review of
initial plans revealed significant problems with the proposed equipment and location, which
spurred necessary revisions and ensured the Marine Safety Center received complete information
for accurate plan review. Mr. Scibek worked with industry, Army Corps of Engineers Repair
Division, and Department of Defense investigators to remove a 90 ton, 130 foot crane boom that
collapsed while conducting lock repairs, compromising the cargo envelopes of several tank
barges carrying dangerous cargo in the adjacent lock chamber. Overcoming equipment availability
and access challenges, Mr. Scibek expertly guided the development of a “cold work” dismantling
plan to safely remove the boom while maintaining containment of the cargo. Finally, his
extensive knowledge of the towing vessel industry and expectations for the transition to a new
mandatory inspection regime greatly increased the readiness and confidence of area towing
companies as they transition to the new regulations.
3. I would like to recognize the following personnel as honorable mention finalists:
    a. MSSE3 Allan Roth, Sector San Juan, Puerto Rico. CWO Roth expertly discovered a trend of
deck grating made of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) as an alternative to steel grates which was
not appropriate for areas used for firefighting or lifesaving, leading to an industry wide
review of deck grating materials. During the examination of an LPG carrier, he identified a
severely wasted deck water spray system and a highly underperforming davit launch and recovery
system for the vessel's rescue boat which led to detention of the vessel. Showing his personal
dedication to continued professional development despite increased operational tempo from
Hurricanes Irma and Maria, CWO Roth completed the highly technical Certified Weld Inspector
certification from the American Welding Society greatly improving oversight of vessel construction
and steel repairs in all the Puerto Rico shipyards.
    b. LT Kristen Bradley, Sector Delaware Bay, Pennsylvania. LT Bradley actively led training
and qualification of the Inspections Division and was directly involved in members earning 36
Apprentice Marine Inspector and 12 Journeyman Marine Inspector qualifications. LT Bradley
responded to a collision involving a small passenger vessel, surveyed the damage, and oversaw a
3-month continuous repair program to reconstruct the vessel’s superstructure and electrical
systems in accordance with the industry standards. Following a whistle-blower tip of improper
use of Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment aboard a foreign tankship, LT Bradley’s leadership and
attention to detail resulted in the Department of Justice accepting the well crafted investigation
package for prosecution. The case is currently in the pre-trial and discovery phase.
4. I heartily congratulate Mr. Scibek, CWO Roth, LT Bradley, and all the nominees that competed
for this prestigious award. Your efforts exemplify the outstanding skills, hard work,
professionalism, and traditions of the Marine Inspection community and core values of our
service. Bravo Zulu!
5. Questions regarding the Excellence in Marine Inspections Award may be directed to
LT Benjamin Aaronson of COMDT (CG-CVC-1) at (202) 372-1220 or
6. RADM John P. Nadeau, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, sends.
7. Internet release authorized.