united states coast guard

14 Dec 17
UNCLAS //N01610//
ALCGPSC 151/17
A. Performance, Training, and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.1C
B. ACN 119/17
1. This message announces the implementation of the new Record of
Professional Development Form CG-4082 as part of the update to Reference
2. Reference (b) announced Change 3 to the Performance, Training and
Education Manual which included updates to form CG-4082. The updated CG-
4082 is the result of a collaborative effort between OPM, EPM and RPM
aimed at improving the effectiveness of form CG-4082 as a career
management tool for CG members.
3. The updated CG-4082 as well as a detailed summary of changes to the
form can be found on PSC-OPM-4’s CG Portal page listed in paragraph #5.
Major changes include the following:
a. The elimination of multiple CG-4082s in a mbr’s E-PDR. Previous forms
will be removed upon submission of a new form.
b. Elimination of items on a mbr’s CG-4082 that appear in other parts of
a mbr’s record (i.e. education, training, professional certifications,
licenses that are already captured in the E-PDR or on the Employee
Summary Sheet). Prior to signing the form, the mbr will acknowledge this
by clicking the designated box.
c. Timelines for submission of a new CG-4082 to ensure inclusion for
summer boards and panels.
d. Detailed list of the type of entries that should and should not be
submitted on the Form CG-4082.
e. Streamlined command routing and submission of approved form to PSC
military records.
4. To help prepare the officer workforce to use the new form, the
applicable sections of reference (a) as well as a detailed question and
answer document have been posted on PSC-OPM-4’s portal page.
5. The Program Manager for the new Record of Professional Development,
Form CG-4082 is PSC-OPM-4. The PSC-OPM-4 CG Portal page can be found at
Commands are highly encourage to review the revised Manual and visit
PSC-OPM-4’s CG Portal page for additional information and to access the
new form CG-4082. 
6. Prior to submitting a new CG-4082, mbrs are encouraged to request a
copy of their E-PDR to review what information has been submitted on
prior CG-4082’s. A copy of a mbr’s E-PDR can be requested from PSC’s
Military Records Section at
7. For Command procedural or form questions please contact CDR Matt Fine
at For questions specific to active duty
officers, contact PSC-OPM-4 at For
questions specific to the Enlisted workforce please contact CDR Chris
Williammee at For questions specific
to the Reserve workforce please contact LCDR John Hughes at
8. Released by: RDML M. T. Bell Jr., Commander, Personnel Service
Center. The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource – Our
9. Internet release is authorized.