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R 031431 NOV 17
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ALCOAST 332/17
1.  On 10 August 2017, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Department
of Homeland Security (DHS) provided the 2017 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey
(FEVS) results to DHS components to help management gain insight into their
employees’ opinions about their jobs, workplaces, and leadership.  Approximately
486,105 government employees completed the survey, which included 47,414 DHS
employees and 2,885 USCG civilian employees (a 45.7% response rate of USCG civilian
employees surveyed).
2.  On 23 August 2017, Acting Secretary Elaine Duke released a message to all DHS
employees that highlighted the Departments improved survey results. As the Acting
Secretary states, “Overall, the DHS Employee Engagement Index increased by four
percentage points, from 56 percent to 60 percent, the biggest increase ever. The
Global Satisfaction Index, which measures job, organizational, and pay satisfaction,
also increased by six percent, three times the increase seen from 2015 to 2016.” 
3.  In general, the USCG results indicate that civilian employees are highly
positive about their work, they are willing to put forth extra effort to get the job
done, they believe the work they do is important, that the quality of work their
unit produces is high, and that the agency is successful in accomplishing its
mission.  Areas which USCG civilians viewed as challenges are consistent with 2015
and 2016 FEVS results and include: linkages between pay raises and performance,
desire more opportunities for advancement, proper management of poor performers,
believe they have insufficient resources to get the job done, and desire promotion
based on merit.
4.  The DHS Component Engagement Index Comparison measures employees’ sense of
purpose that is evident in their display of dedication, persistence, and effort in
their work or overall attachment to their organization and its mission.  The 2017
FEVS results reflect that the Coast Guard’s overall engagement index score was tied
for the highest within DHS and improved from 73% in 2016 to 74% in 2017! We remain a
leader, ranked first or second within DHS, across all of the measured engagement
5.  Your valuable feedback and participation in the survey are greatly appreciated
and ensures that we remain focused on our strengths and address our challenges.  The
DHS and U.S. Coast Guard leadership are comitted to improving our work environment.
We will develop action plans that address our challenges and build on our many
strengths.  As examples, we have prioritized CG Office of Leadership Initiatives to
align with the DHS Leader Development Program, DHS Employee Engagement, and Civil
Rights MD-715 reporting requirements; we are analyzing the numbers of applicants/
nominees to training, career, and professional development opportunities from FY16
and FY17 to increase transparency of training, career, and professional development
opportunities; and we have increased and enhanced communications on awards and
recognition, and included simplified processes/procedures resulting in an increase
in both honorary and monetary awards. We are committed to utilizing the feedback
for the 2017 FEVS to continue to make the Coast Guard an employer of choice within
DHS and the entire Federal Government. 
6. The 2017 FEVS USCG reports are available at: 
This year there are two reports posted:  1) 2017 FEVS Annual Employee Survey (AES)
Report, which is in an Excel format with multiple tabs and imbedded charts and
initial trend reporting; and 2) 2017 FEVS 2ND Level Subagency Comparison Report,
which compares results for the major organizational levels within the Coast Guard. 
NOTE: The FEVS reports must be viewed on a CG workstation. The results are being
analyzed and will serve as a basis for our future action plans.  I encourage every
Coast Guard employee to examine the complete survey results and use the insight
gained to promote even greater organizational performance.
7.  Contact Ms. Brooke Lawson for FEVS Coast Guard specific information
at 206-220-6976 or at
8.  VADM Sandra L. Stosz, Deputy Commandant for Mission Support, sends.
9.  Internet release authorized.