CSMS# 16-000886 - Update: Quota 10/3 Sugar Opening Moment

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10/12/2016 03:11 PM EDT

ACE Portal Accounts

On Friday October 7th, CBP processed any submitted lines subject to the Sugar opening moment from October 3rd. Filers who qualify for opening moment will have had their entry summaries rejected, and UC messages sent indicating what amount is to be prorated.

Filers have five business days to resubmit entry summaries through ACE to claim their reserved amount of prorated quota.

Please take into account the following details:

1)Allotment transfers need to be requested and approved by HQ.

2)Re-filing of an entry summary should be done with the same line order as originally submitted, in the amounts indicated by the UC message. Mixing and matching lines without approval for an allotment transfer will likely result in a loss of some or all of a filers quota reservation.

3)Lines may be added to the entry summary beyond what was originally submitted, such as in the case where any non-prorated amount will be entered at the high rate of duty. In this case, please take into account item 2 above regarding original line order if a proration is being claimed. You may add new lines for high rate after the original lines, but do not change the original line order or mix and match amounts differently than what was prorated without approval for an allotment transfer.

4)When the entry summary rejects in ACE, it will come off the statement in ACS and revert to single pay if the final statement has not run. It can be added back via an ACS HP transmission, or filers may do single pay. If final statement has run, they will need to pay the original statement, and a refund/bill will need to be processed accordingly.

5)On retransmit of the entry summary, the payment type indicator should be space filled.

6)For warehouse withdrawals, an updated entry summary with prorated amounts should be submitted. If cargo was involved, and it is still on hold pending your decision on how to handle the excess over proration, a separate warehouse entry can be made, or the excess can be entered at the high rate. The entry and entry summary should be retransmitted so they match.

7)A replace of a quota Entry to correct for the proration in this case will not cause an FDA reject for Prior Notice already on file.

8)The five business day window expires on Monday October 17th at 4:30pm local time.