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June 25, 2020

Notification correction

NIFA Invests $6.5 Million to Improve Sustainable Agroecosystems: Health, Functions, Processes and Management

NIFA recently announced 15 grant awards in the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) – Sustainable Agroecosystems: Health, Functions, Processes and Management priority area. AFRI provides funding for fundamental and applied research, education, and extension projects in the food and agricultural sciences. NIFA addresses resilient agroecosystems responding to climate variability by improving our understanding of the impact of climate on agriculture so that we can develop adaptive management strategies for more efficient and rapid responses in plants, animals and management systems. These 15 projects will lead to substantial improvements in soil health (microbiome, water, nutrients, carbon, chemicals of environmental concern, etc.) and improved ecosystem services in managed natural and agricultural systems by addressing the impacts of changes in management practices on agricultural, forest, grass and rangelands at local and landscape scales.