May Is American Wetlands Month

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May Is American Wetlands Month

May is American Wetlands Month and we are highlighting the stewardship efforts of agricultural producers and the USDA programs they are using to help restore and manage their wetlands for improved water quality, soil health and flood retention, plus the wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities wetlands afford us. Below are a few stories demonstrating how stewards are using USDA programs to help prioritize wetland management practices on their operations that help protect and enhance critical wetland ecosystems, while improving their bottom line.

Meet Max and Eweleen Good, the first landowners in Kansas to voluntarily participate in a USDA wetland restoration program.

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Meet Mark and Amy Magura of Starke County, Indiana who’ve worked to restore more than 200 acres of former farmland into a wetland and wildlife oasis.


Meet the Corblu Ecology Group, LLC, an environmental consulting firm in Lawrenceville, Georgia, that developed wetland mitigation banks to help producers replace the lost functions of wetlands.

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Meet Mark and Beth Biser, owners of Still Waters Farm in Mason County, Washington. The couple restored their sterile, slick and peatless wetland’s natural functions into a healthy oasis for wildlife.