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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a national concern among commodities sourced by animals, such as meat and/or poultry products that are exposed to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Research shows that bacteria from animals that become resistant to antibiotics can be transmitted to humans during slaughter or during meat processing. To combat this, the Agricultural Research Service and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in partnership with other federal agencies, have prioritized AMR research and Alternatives to Antibiotics (ATA) in agriculture with an action plan. This plan focuses on developing tools that mitigate AMR. You can find this plan and other information about AMR at the National Agricultural Library’s, Food Safety Research Information Office (FSRIO) Antimicrobial Resistance web page.

FSRIO helps you stay informed about trends in AMR research and funded projects about AMR through its Food Safety Research Projects Database application. It contains monthly updates about projects funded by national and international food science organizations. Explore projects by date, title, and funding category on AMR and other topics such as bacterial pathogens, produce safety, natural toxins, and more.