APHIS Updates Gypsy Moth Factsheet and Inspection Checklist

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It’s the Law: Before Moving, Check for the Gypsy Moth

Federal regulations require people and companies to inspect outdoor household articles and complete an inspection checklist when moving articles out of the gypsy moth quarantine area.  See a map of the gypsy moth quarantine in the United States here.

Get the updated factsheet and checklist, “It’s the Law: Before Moving, Check for the Gypsy Moth.”  The new version can be printed from the webpage as one page, front and back.  You can also order printed copies of this Plant Protection and Quarantine document using item number PA-2147.  

The factsheet includes a summary of how to inspect for and remove gypsy moth egg masses on outdoor household articles.  The person inspecting the articles must complete and sign the checklist and keep a copy in the vehicle moving the articles.  The gypsy moth regulations require that the completed checklist stay with the inspected goods when they move out of a quarantine area to any non-quarantine area. 

One of the most important steps to prevent gypsy moth from infesting new areas is inspecting for and removing gypsy moth egg masses before moving items out of the quarantine area.  Please remember to use the Partner Toolkit to remind moving companies and those moving out of the gypsy moth quarantine of the importance of checking for gypsy moth. 

For more information, please contact Paul Chaloux, National Gypsy Moth Policy Manager, at (301) 851-2064 or Paul.Chaloux@aphis.usda.gov.