Animal Care Transitions to Sending Annual Report Packets Electronically

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Animal Care Transitions to Sending Annual Report Packets Electronically

Facilities regulated under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) that use or intend to use live animals in research, tests, experiments, or teaching must submit an Annual Report.

Historically, Animal Care mails each facility an Annual Report packet via US Mail with instructions on how to complete and return the completed packet for processing. In 2019 facilities had the opportunity to submit their USDA Annual Reports one of two ways, online using the e-file platform or via the US Mail. The current COVID-19 situation has added emphasis to our efforts to complete the Annual Report process electronically. This year, Animal Care will be transitioning to sending Annual Report packets electronically, via email. We strongly encourage facilities to use the links within the electronic packet to submit their Annual Reports using the e-file system. In the event they are unable to do so, facilities may continue to submit completed Annual Reports via US Mail.

In addition to the electronic package, facilities were sent a reminder postcard via the US Mail in August 2020.

The electronic packet and the postcard include information for obtaining eAuthentication credentials required for interacting with USDA online and submitting an Annual Report. If a facility already has eAuthentication credentials, we recommend that they log in to the Annual Reporting system early to ensure credentials have not expired.

On September 15, 2020 all facilities will receive their Annual Report packet electronically, which will include all the applicable reporting forms and information. If there are any changes in facility contact information, we urge registrants to update their information and we will work to ensure the updated contact receives a packet. Facilities may also be contacted in September by an Animal Care employee to verify their contact information in the event we receive an undeliverable email response.

If you have questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact our office by calling 970-494-7478 or emailing us at