USDA Provides Guidance to Entities Purveying Dogs in Regulated Activities

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Are you an individual, business or non-profit organization that buys, sells, adopts or transports dogs? If so, you may need to obtain a USDA license or registration so our inspectors can ensure you are humanely caring, treating, handling and transporting your animals according to the regulations and standards outlined in the Animal Welfare Act. 

We have created a tech note that answers questions you may have when determining whether your activities are covered under the Animal Welfare Act. You can find it here

“Our job is to ensure the humane treatment of the animals we regulate,” said Deputy Administrator Bernadette Juarez, USDA Animal Care. “If you are using dogs in ways that are federally regulated, we are here to help you obtain the necessary license/registration so we may achieve our mutual interest in ensuring the humane treatment of animals.”


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