USDA Creates Two Publications to Help Regulated Facilities Enhance Their Animals’ Welfare

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As outlined in our USDA Animal Care Strategic Plan for 2016-2020, we have two key goals: 1) supporting efforts by regulated entities to better adhere to the federal animal welfare standards; and 2) creating a better Animal Care by increasing our efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness. In support of these goals, we have developed two publications for Animal Welfare Act licensees and registrants.

The first Tech Note, located here, describes a new incentive program that recognizes licensees/registrants who routinely monitor their activities and take appropriate and timely action to address noncompliant items. We are committed to encouraging the regulated community to proactively identify, report, correct and prevent animal welfare issues that may occur at their facilities.

The second Tech Note, located here, provides helpful information so licensees/registrants can better fulfill the regulation requiring them to assess the health and well-being of their animals every day. We spotlight some of the successful practices that regulated entities are already using at their facilities.

The incentive program for enhanced compliance and the best practices for daily animal observations are not mandatory regulatory requirements or official policy changes. These two Tech Notes are guidance documents that highlight ways for us to: encourage regulated entities to be even more proactive when identifying and correcting non-compliances under the Animal Welfare Act; and enhance the communication between our inspectors and attending veterinarians for the betterment of the animals’ well-being.

“Better animal welfare begins with open communication and stronger working relationships,” said Animal Care Deputy Administrator Bernadette Juarez. “With these two new publications, we want to work with our regulated community to help them meet and maintain the federal standards for the humane treatment of animals.” 


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