APHIS' Self-Inspection Gypsy Moth Checklist is Available as a Web-based Form

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APHIS now offers two methods to complete the Gypsy Moth Checklist¾a portable document format (PDF) and a web-based form.  The web form allows for the Gypsy Moth checklist to be completed, electronically signed, and printed online from all modern web browsers. The web-based version of the checklist makes it easier for those who are moving, and for the moving industry to comply with the gypsy moth regulations.  The checklist, once completed and signed, electronically or in ink, is acceptable in all instances where the checklist is required. 


People who live in the gypsy moth quarantine area—generally the northeast quadrant of the contiguous United States—must use PPQ Form 377: Gypsy Moth checklist and Record of Your Self-Inspection to inspect their outdoor household goods for gypsy moth before they move to a non-infested area.


The Federal gypsy moth regulations (Title 7 Code of Federal Regulations 301.45-4) require this action to prevent the human-assisted movement of this damaging pest of woody plants. A copy of the form must be accompany the household goods during the move. This checklist may be completed by the person moving or by a qualified certified applicator. Once completed and signed, the checklist is an official certificate that will satisfy Federal requirements for interstate moves.