APHIS Adds an Additional Portion of the East Fork Wildlife Area in Clermont County, Ohio, to the Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) Regulated Area

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August 9, 2017



Subject:            APHIS Adds an Additional Portion of the East Fork Wildlife Area in Clermont County, Ohio, to the Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) Regulated Area


To:                   State and Territory Agricultural Regulatory Officials


Effective immediately, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is adding 576 acres of the East Fork Wildlife Area in Clermont County, Ohio, to the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) regulated area. APHIS is taking this action in response to the recent detection of ALB-infested trees in the East Fork Wildlife Area. As a result, the total regulated area for ALB in Clermont County has expanded from 61 square miles to 62 square miles.


The attached Federal Order describes the regulated area and includes the associated reference to 7 Code of Federal Regulations 301.51 et seq. that lists the provisions for the movement of ALB-regulated articles. This action is necessary to prevent the human-assisted spread of ALB.


ALB is a destructive wood-boring pest of maple and other hardwoods. ALB was first discovered in the United States in New York in August 1996. ALB was later detected in areas of Illinois (1998), New Jersey (2002, 2004), Massachusetts (2008, 2010), and Ohio (2011). After the completion of control and regulatory activities and following confirmation surveys, the program declared ALB eradicated from Illinois (2008); Hudson County, New Jersey (2008); Islip, New York (2011); Union and Middlesex Counties, New Jersey (2013); Manhattan and Staten Island, New York (2013); and Suffolk and Norfolk Counties, Massachusetts (2014). Program activities continue in the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn and Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York; Worcester County, Massachusetts; and Clermont County, Ohio.


For more information regarding APHIS’ ALB Eradication Program, you may contact ALB National Policy Manager Paul Chaloux at (301) 851-2064.




Osama El-Lissy

Deputy Administrator

Plant Protection and Quarantine





Quarantine Notice for Asian Longhorned Beetle

(Anoplophora glabripennis)



August 9, 2017



This Federal Order expands the list of regulated areas for Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) to include an additional 576 acres in the East Fork Wildlife Area in Clermont County, Ohio.


This Federal Order is issued in accordance with the regulatory authority provided by the Plant Protection Act of June 20, 2000, as amended, Section 412(a), 7 U.S.C. 7712(a). The Act authorizes the Secretary of Agriculture to prohibit or restrict the movement in interstate commerce of any plant, plant part, or article, or means of conveyance, if the Secretary determines the prohibition or restriction is necessary to prevent the dissemination of a plant pest within the United States. This Federal Order is also issued pursuant to the regulations promulgated under the Plant Protection Act found at 7 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 301.51.


Effective immediately, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is expanding the ALB quarantine area to include an additional 576 acres in the East Fork Wildlife Area in Clermont County, Ohio. This action responds to the discovery of additional trees found to be infested with ALB in the East Fork Wildlife Area. Thus, the Administrator has determined that it is necessary to quarantine this area to prevent the human-assisted spread of ALB. Therefore, effective immediately, all interstate movement of ALB regulated articles from the area within the boundaries listed below must be done in accordance with any applicable provisions of this Federal Order, the regulations found at 7 CFR 301.51 et seq., and the Federal Orders located at:




The expanded ALB quarantine area in Clermont County now totals 62 square miles. The revised boundaries for the regulated areas in Clermont County are as follows:


  1. The portion of Clermont County, including the municipality of Tate Township and East Fork State Park, and the portion of all public lands in Williamsburg Township south of Clover Road from where Clover Road ends at Harsha Lake, then following a line due west to the closest point that intersects the boundary of Tate Township and Williamsburg Township, and the Portions of Monroe Township that includes the following land parcels: 232609C094, 232609C113, 232609C215, 232609C085, 232609C128, 232609B224, 232609B188, 232609E223, 232609B215, 32609B193, 232609E075, 232609B161, 232609E156, 232609E245, 232609E037, 232609E074, 232609E230, 232609E031, 232609E220, 232609E232, 232609E240, 232609E239, 232609E241, 232609E175, 232609E228, 232609E250, 232609E235, 232609E238, 232609E227, 232609E242, 32609E226, 232609E249, 232609E236, 232609E234, 232609C217, 232609C040, 234715.008, 232609C227, 232609C222, 232609C092, 232609C093, 232609C129, 232609C098, 232609C195, 232609C100, 232609C169, 232609C136, 232609C097, 232609C139, 232609C148, 232609C042, 232609C150, 232609C182, 234715.009, 234715.005, 234715.006, 234715.001, 232609E246, 232609E247, 234715.004, 234715.003, 232609E222, 232609C228, 234425.001, 232609E233, 232609C170, 232609C216, 232609C196, 232609C105, 232609E237, 232609C225, 232609C091, 232609C197, 232609C218, 232609C198, 232609C041, 232609C212, 232609C194, 232609C214, 232609E224, 232609E231, 232609E248, 234715.007, 234715.002, 232609C120, 232609C226, 232609C229, 232609C043 and


  2. The portions of the Townships of Batavia and Stonelick that include the following land parcels: 302909I048, 304436.008, 302909H084, 302909K030, 022003B040, 012003H093, 025503D053, 022003B024, 302909G132, 304436A017, 304436.004, 302909F109, 012003E028, 012003C087, 012003H097, 022003C080, 302909G120, 302909K046, 302909H083, 302909F116, 012003E031, 012003C085, 022003B039, 302909G128, 302909F120, 302909H095, 302909F104, 012003E029, 012003C086, 022003F033, 302912E118, 302909G119, 302909G115, 302909H082, 302909F115, 012003E027, 302909G010, 022003F015, 302909B081, 302909G114, 302909H094, 302909I097, 012003E022, 022004H018, 022004H061, 302909E112, 302909B065, 302909G130, 302909H096, 302909F107, 025503B015, 012003H078, 022004H019, 302909E113, 302909G129, 304436A018, 302909F118, 302909I098, 012003E043, 302909G117, 304436A012, 302909E120, 302909B069, 304436.007, 304436.003, 302909K109, 012003E032, 302909G131, 302909F110, 302909E116, 302909J087, 302909H089, 302909F123, 302912E029, 012003E037, 302909F101, 022003A077, 302909E073, 302909J089, 302909H086, 304436.002, 302909F021, 015503I058, 302909F063, 022003A022, 302909E110, 304436A013, 304436A019, 304436.001, 302909F102, 012003E041, 302909G133, 302909F130, 302909E102, 302909E097, 302909H029, 302909F117, 012005H008, 012003E039, 302909D109, 302909F129, 302909K084, 302909J091, 302909H087, 302909F124, 302909I099, 012003E026, 302909E043, 302909I095, 302909K055, 302909K051, 304436.006, 302909B093, 302909K028P, 012003E040, 302909D049, 022003A023, 302909K107, 302909J086, 304436A020, 302909F128, 302909K110, 025503B013, 302909E090, 302909E114, 302909K054, 304436A014, 302909H090, 302909K047, 302909I025, 012003E034, 302909K044, 304436.010, 302909H093, 302909B040, 012005I010, 025503B012, 302912E135, 302909F132, 302909K032, 304436A015, 302909H085, 302909F112, 022003A078, 012003H102, 022003E020, 302909F131, 302909K059, 302909B015, 302909F119, 302909F125, 302909I096, 012003E023, 022003B038, 302909F022, 302909K108, 302909J041, 302909H088, 302909F113, 302909I024, 012003E033, 012003E035, 302909B083, 302909K031, 304436.009, 304436.005, 302909F114, 012003H101, 012003H100, 012003E011, 302909B070, 302909K099, 302909B103, 302909F122, 302909F127, 022003F034, 012003E024, 025503I058, 302909B076, 302909K028, 304436A016, 302909B064, 302909F111, 022003F018, 012003H104, 022003G023, 304436.011, 302909K042, 302909A039, 302909H091, 302909H097, 302909I023, 012003E036, 022003G022, 302909B038, 302909K052, 302909F121, 302909K071, 022003A076, 012003C027, 025503B016, 022003B043, 302909K094, 302909G116, 302909H081, 302909F126, 012005I005, 012003H094, 025503B017, 022003B044, 302909K092, 302909K106, 302909E106, 302909K053, 022003G014, 012003I072, 060224.026, 302909G110, 302909D107, 302909K061, 302909E115, 302909K058, 022003F019, 022003C062, 060224.009, 302909G109, 302909H018, 302909E016, 302909K057, 012003E038, 012003E030, 012003D009, 302909G121, 302909G127, 302909H017, 302909E014, 302912B150, 012003C061, 012003E047, 012003C078, 302909G108, 302909E013, 302909H080, 302909K027, 302909K066, 012003C028, 012003E046, 302909H099, 022003B042, 302909H020, 022005G014, 302909K068, 012003C088, 022003B025, 302909G011, 302909H098, 302909H092, 012003E042, 012003E021, 012003E045, 012005I007, 302909J067, 302909K105, 302909G122, 302909G123, 302909G124, 302909G125, 302909G126.


    Section 7 CFR 301.51-3(a) allows the designation of less than an entire state as an ALB quarantined area only when the APHIS Administrator has determined—as in this case—that the designation is adequate to prevent the interstate spread of this pest. In addition, 7 CFR 301.51-3(a) requires that the state enforce an intrastate ALB quarantine that is equivalent to the Federal ALB regulations. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has established an intrastate quarantine for Clermont County that mirrors the Federal regulatory requirements as specified in 7 CFR 301.51.


    Previous Federal Orders pertaining to the expansion of quarantined areas in the ALB domestic regulations have been necessary due to the continuing spread of ALB. This Federal Order further expands the quarantined areas as described in the previous ALB Federal Orders.


    For more information about APHIS’ ALB Eradication Program, you may contact ALB National Policy Manager Paul Chaloux at Paul.Chaloux@aphis.usda.gov.


APHIS appreciates the cooperative relationship with Ohio in our effort to prevent the spread of ALB.