USDA Animal Care Provides Progress Report on Its Horse Protection Program

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Six months ago, Animal Care’s Deputy Administrator, Bernadette Juarez, shared an update on refinements to USDA’s Horse Protection Program and affirmed our commitment to building partnerships to help achieve the purposes of the Horse Protection Act (HPA).  Now, Ms. Juarez is providing a progress report on efforts to strengthen our Horse Protection Program, working relationships, and HPA enforcement.

Ms. Juarez’s letter, which can be found in its entirety here, highlights the roles that everyone involved in the horse industry plays and the importance of working together in achieving the purposes of the HPA: ending the practice of soring horses and promoting fair competition.  “To fully achieve these purposes,” Ms. Juarez said, “I believe that horse owners, exhibitors, trainers, and custodians must present sound horses for inspection; USDA and HIOs must work together to enforce the HPA through consistent inspections; managers must disqualify sore horses from participating in HPA-covered events; and as Deputy Administrator, I must create an environment that promotes success in each of these areas.”