USDA Posts Additional Animal Welfare Act Inspection Reports

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Today, we have posted inspection reports of Animal Welfare Act compliance inspections we conducted between April 22, 2017, and May 19, 2017. Inspections conducted after May 19 are not yet available for posting because of our standard 21-day appeal window, which allows time for each regulated entity to appeal its inspection report. 

With today’s postings, we continue to restore content we removed from our website In February, in original redacted form. The largest exception involves inspection reports for regulated entities licensed/registered as individuals or homestead businesses, since we have to make additional redactions to protect personally identifiable information under the Privacy Act. 

Inspection reports, as well as research facility annual reports, are located here. In addition, some enforcement records (such as initial decisions and orders, default decisions and consent decisions) will continue to be available on the website of USDA’s Office of Administrative Law Judges, here  

As part of our comprehensive website review, we are continuing to closely review animal inventories that accompany inspection reports. For this reason, the newly posted inspection reports do not include animal inventories, but we intend to make this information available in the future. 

We remain committed to ensuring the welfare of the animals we regulate. Please know that we continue to carry out the critical, day-to-day work of ensuring the humane treatment of these vulnerable animals by conducting unannounced inspections, pre-compliance visits and other activities.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, as we strive to meet the twofold goal of sharing as much information as possible about our Animal Welfare Act activities while also protecting personal information.