APHIS Establishes Host List for Malaysian Fruit Fly (Bactrocera latifrons)

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April 20, 2016

Subject: APHIS Establishes a host list for Bactrocera latifrons, the Malaysian fruit fly

To: State and Territory Agricultural Regulatory Officials

APHIS has developed a new fruit fly host list for the Malaysian fruit fly (Bactrocera latifrons or MALFF). Effective immediately, the new MALFF host list will be used for federal regulation of MALFF hosts under U.S. domestic quarantines for this pest. This action is required because the federal fruit fly host list in the Code of Federal Regulations (7 CFR 301.32) does not include MALFF. An established host list is needed to prevent the spread and establishment of this pest in the United States.

The MALFF is a destructive fruit fly in the family Tephritidae. It is native to Asia and has spread to many parts of the world, including Hawaii and most recently to Africa. The MALFF attacks more than 50 fruits and vegetables. This Federal Order, the MALFF host list, and the MALFF quarantine areas are posted at:


Effective immediately, the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service will regulate the interstate movement of MALFF host articles (berry, fruit, nut, or vegetable) from all MALFF quarantine areas in the United States in accordance with the regulations in 7 CFR 301.32 et seq. and any applicable provisions of this Federal Order.

Because the regulations in 7 CFR 301.32 et seq. do not list the regulated host articles for MALFF, they are listed in the web link below under Quarantine Information. The berries, fruit, nuts, and vegetables of the plant species in the attached Federal Order are considered regulated articles for MALFF, and they are subject to all of the requirements of 7 CFR 301.32 et seq.


For additional information about the Malaysian Fruit Fly Program, you may call APHIS National Fruit Fly Policy Manager John C. Stewart at 919-855-7426.

Osama El-Lissy
Deputy Administrator
Plant Protection and Quarantine

Attachment: Federal Order