SOE Series #3: Increasing Oversight Across the Organic Supply Chain

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Increasing Oversight
Across the Organic Supply Chain

This is the third update in our six-part series highlighting changes outlined in the Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) proposed rule and explaining how they apply to members of the organic community, from farm to table.

Let us know how these proposed changes to the organic regulations will impact you, your farm or your business.

Part Three: Improved Recordkeeping and Fraud Prevention
for Certified Organic Farms and Businesses

Protecting the USDA organic seal is a shared responsibility that begins with organic farms and businesses across the supply chain. To support the trusted relationships and verifiable transactions the organic system is built on, SOE will improve recordkeeping requirements for certified organic operations.

Recordkeeping - certified ops

Increasing recordkeeping requirements supports supply chain traceability by ensuring that each certified organic farm or business can trace the movement of organic products within their operation, back to their suppliers, and forward to their customers. Consistent traceability and anti-fraud best practices will help everyone verify products and ensure that consumers are getting the organic products they pay for. Find the details at the link below.

Deadline for public comment

October 5, 2020 at 11:59pm Eastern

Comment and see what others are saying at,
linked from the AMS web page for SOE.

AMS Web Page for SOE

Includes links to the Federal Register announcement and
instructions on how to submit comments.

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