NOP Now Hiring for Multiple Positions!

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Now Hiring for Multiple Positions!

Join the passionate team that enforces the USDA National Organic Standards

The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) oversees the dynamic, growing organic industry. This small federal program has a big impact on farmers, businesses and consumers, enforcing the organic standards to continually strengthen the trust in an agricultural sector with increasingly complex global supply chains – from farm to table.

This week, we are hiring for three positions:

  • National List Manager
  • Accreditation Manager (multiple openings)
  • Audit Team Manager

These jobs are open to qualified members of the public. Apply online through using the links below, or by searching for the announcement number, in red below.

NOTE: Relocation compensation may be paid. Selected candidates must be willing to relocate to the DC metro area. Please do not apply if you are not able to move to the DC area.

Deadline for applications: January 29, 2020. Each job will close when 75 applications have been received, which may be sooner than the deadline.


National List Manager

Click for Announcement: DE-10692587-20-NO

The National List Manager (Agricultural Marketing Specialist - Regulatory) serves as a technical expert focusing on the diverse materials petitioned and used in organic crops, livestock, and processing. The National List Manager researches, analyzes and presents technical and scientific information from many sources to inform policy related to the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances. This expert also interacts with stakeholders across the organic community interested in materials issues.


Accreditation Manager
(multiple openings)

Click for Announcement: DE-10698209-20-NO

Accreditation Managers (Agricultural Marketing Specialist - Regulatory) are key members of the team that accredits and oversees organic certifiers. Accreditation managers conduct quality system and regulatory compliance audits of certifiers, provide technical expertise to certifiers, and conduct a myriad of activities to make sure certifier control systems are working effectively. Applicants may qualify at the GS-12 or GS-13 level.


Audit Team Manager

Click for Announcement: DE-10693134-20-NO

The Audit Team Manager (Supervisory Agricultural Marketing Specialist - Regulatory) is a GS-13 who supervises a team of remote auditors on the NOP Accreditation Team. This leader evaluates and supervises auditors, plans and manages the audit schedule, prepares and directs the preparation of audit documentation, and supports the development of accreditation procedures.