Advanced Inspections and Certification Administration Courses Now Available!

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Advanced Inspections &
Certification Administration Courses
Now Available!

The Organic Integrity Learning Center now includes two new courses targeted to the needs of accredited certifiers and inspectors. Courses are available to all users.

Advanced Inspections details best practices for planning and conducting effective investigations.

Course lessons include:

  • Planning a Complaint or Investigation-based Inspection
  • Conducting and Documenting the Inspection
  • Putting it All Together: Analyzing the Evidence and Recommending Action

Certification Administration Essentials details the best practices needed to achieve and maintain accreditation under the USDA organic regulations.

Course lessons include:

  • Introduction to Standards
  • Accreditation and Quality System Management
  • Personnel and Communications
  • The Organic Certification Process
  • Annual Renewal of Certification

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About the Organic Integrity Learning Center

The Learning Center offers free online training 24/7 to support professional development and continuing education for accredited certifiers, inspectors and other professionals working to ensure producer and consumer confidence in USDA organic certification.