Training Resources + Organic Community = Increased Compliance and Enforcement

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Training Resources + Organic Community = Increased Compliance and Enforcement

Compliance through Education

The National Organic Program (NOP) protects the integrity of the organic products produced in the United States and throughout the world. To support compliance and enforcement, the NOP provides a variety of interactive videos, webinars and fact sheets on our website for farmers, ranchers, packers and others involved in the organic supply chain.


Training for Organic Certifiers and Inspectors

In February, National Organic Program (NOP) staff presented training to USDA-accredited organic certifiers in San Antonio, Texas, and in Nuremberg, Germany. The annual training provides critical information, updates and reminders. It also serves as a key communication tool between NOP’s Accreditation and International Activities (AIA) Division and its certifier clients. This year, the NOP expanded the training to reach broader domestic and international audiences. Approximately 200 certifier staff and other industry partners participated in the two events.

NOP's Organic Training web page has many resources, including the 2018 Certifier Training.

Biofach Training

NOP Lead Auditor Lars Crail (seated up front) and Accreditation Manager Penny Zuck present training to BIOFACH attendees. BIOFACH is an annual European organic natural foods conference.


Investigations that Dig Deeper

The Trail of Evidence

NOP also published a new interactive training video designed for certifiers, inspectors and compliance professionals, The Investigation: The Trail of Evidence (The Investigation). This interactive video uses self-guided training modules that follow a certifier's compliance and inspection staff as they investigate a complaint. The video provides best practices for certifiers to develop an investigative plan, conduct interviews, collect evidence and construct a thorough investigative report.


Engaging Certifiers and Inspectors

The Path to Sound and Sensible Organic Inspections (The Path) interactive video training module is designed to provide organic certifiers and inspectors with greater clarity on a range of common questions. The video teaches sound and sensible inspection principles and reviews topics such as field visits, sample collection, material reviews, recordkeeping audits and unannounced inspections. While the training is a self-contained program, certifiers can also use the training in a group setting or to follow-up with training participants who complete the training independently. An Overview and Training Guide is also available online. This train-the-trainer guide provides some examples of how certifiers can strengthen their continuing education requirements.


Supporting Organic Farmers and Ranchers

The Road to Organic Certification (The Road) puts viewers in the boots of two farmers as they make decisions about organic certification. Through the interactive training, viewers learn about the application process, organic system plans and the roles and relationships of certifiers, inspectors and producers. 

Interactive Videos

Other Educational Resources

NOP protects the integrity of organic products in an increasingly complex supply chain. Our wide range of online resources includes: