Notes From the Director's Desk: June Edition

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AmeriCorps Seniors
June 11, 2024

Notes From the Director's Desk:
June Edition

Convening 2023

Following the success of the 2023 National Convening, next month, AmeriCorps Seniors will host the 2024 National Convening in Baltimore, Md. Register.

Message From the Director

Dear colleagues,  

Summer is almost here, people are getting ready to enjoy vacations, and of course, next month is the AmeriCorps Seniors National Convening in Baltimore, Md. We have a great lineup of sessions for you to attend this year. I hope you’ll be able to meet new people, learn from national service experts, and share your knowledge with others at the Convening. I think you will find this event to be a very meaningful and rewarding experience. I’m excited to come together with you all, so please don’t forget to register for the event and make your travel plans!

In May, we had a wonderful time celebrating Older Americans Month. I had the pleasure of participating in a satellite media tour with Shelly Brosnan, an AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer in the RSVP program, where we discussed how AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers foster connections that help address our country’s loneliness crisis. AmeriCorps Seniors also hosted webinars, including "The Impact of Intergenerational Service" with CoGenerate, highlighting the positive impacts of intergenerational national service and volunteerism, and "AmeriCorps Seniors Tackles Social Isolation", to close out Older Americans Month.

If you haven’t already, please check out our blog and social media sites, where you’ll find several blogs from national thought leaders about the value of AmeriCorps Seniors as it connects to their work.

Saturday, June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which plays a crucial role in highlighting the issue of elder abuse, which affects millions of older adults worldwide. This day serves to raise awareness about the various forms of abuse that older adults may face, including physical, emotional, financial, and neglect. This month we also celebrate Juneteenth and Pride Month. Please, share your reflections with us!

In service,

Atalaya Sergi, Director
AmeriCorps Seniors

Training Corner 

AmeriCorps Seniors National Convening 2024: Reflect, Empower, Transform, Celebrate

Reflect, Empower, Transform, Celebrate will be an exciting, three-day gathering for AmeriCorps Seniors grantees and AmeriCorps Research and Evaluation partners to come together to learn, share, and celebrate. Registration is now open.

Register now

Grantee Essentials Training and Technical Assistance Calls 

Each month, we dive into specific technical assistance topics to help you build your skills while managing your AmeriCorps Seniors grant.

  • Evaluation Basics
    Tuesday, June 18, 1 p.m. ET  
  • Preparing Grantees for the AmeriCorps Seniors Convening
    Tuesday, July 16, 1 p.m. ET  
  • Reflections from the AmeriCorps Seniors Convening
    Tuesday, Aug. 20, 1 p.m. ET

Register for the Grantee Essentials TTA Calls

Missed our last Grantee Essentials TTA call? Check out the Grantee Essentials TTA learning path in Litmos. This learning path includes webinar recordings, presentations, and other materials.

Join our Upcoming Recruitment Webinars 

Join the below calls to learn more about the tips and tricks you can use to recruit more AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers. Please reach out to with any questions.    

Monthly Spotlight on Training Resources 

This month, we are highlighting The Impact of Intergenerational Service: Olders & Youngers Tackling Challenges Together course in Litmos. This course shows how intergenerational national service and volunteerism can have a positive impact on the individuals who volunteer, the individuals and communities they serve, and building bridges between generations. AmeriCorps Seniors brought together representatives from CoGenerate, AmeriCorps Grantees, and AmeriCorps Staff to explore this topic and share examples of this work.

Note: If you are using the direct link, you must first log in to Litmos, then click the link to the course.

For technical support, to request access, or if you need assistance accessing these pages using assistive technology, email:

Evaluating the Effects of COVID-19 on Older Adult Volunteers and AmeriCorps Seniors Programs

We have exciting news! AmeriCorps Seniors received Office of Management and Budget approval for the COVID-19 effect study and data collection efforts will begin shortly. Participation is essential. The data collected in this study will help reinforce what we already know about the AmeriCorps Seniors programs. First, it promotes healthy aging for volunteers. Second, it addresses critical community needs. And third, it demonstrates to policymakers, funders, and your community partners that the AmeriCorps Seniors program is effective. In the coming weeks, our partners, JBS International, will begin contacting selected grantees to introduce their research team and present the study. Please look out for their email soon. For more information on the study, the survey process, or contact information, please visit the AmeriCorps Seniors COVID-19 Effects Study Fast Facts

Cultural Learning Community

AmeriCorps' Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility has launched the Cultural Learning Community – a monthly course to foster a more inclusive and equitable community for all our valued partners. These courses will provide an invaluable opportunity to deepen understanding, enhance skills, and increase partner engagement.

View the training schedule and register for upcoming events.

Office of Inspector General Anti-Fraud Advisory: What is Match? 

The Office of Inspector General has announced the third volume in a series of anti-fraud advisories to advise AmeriCorps and its grantees of leading practices and strategies to mitigate the risk of fraud, waste, and abuse. The third edition highlights ways to appropriately document match funding and avoid related fraud and the impact it has on AmeriCorps programs. You can access the third volume here.  

The purpose of the advisories is to provide useful fraud prevention information to AmeriCorps and its stakeholders. Suggestions for future advisories are most welcome, and you can submit them here or contact Dave Karakashian. 

Celebrate AmeriCorps 30th Anniversary 


To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of AmeriCorps, each month we will highlight the incredible impact AmeriCorps programs create through key areas of service. The theme for June is Pathways to Employment. AmeriCorps programs serve as a pathway to employment, helping develop vital work skills, build and rehabilitate affordable housing, provide financial literacy training, and more.

Find videos, photos, social media, communications templates, and more in our30th anniversary communications toolkit Remember to share your Pathways to Employment storieswith us to raise awareness about the positive impact your program has on your community. Share videos, photos, and posts on social media. Use the hashtag #AmeriCorps30 to be featured on our channel. 

Access the Toolkit

Elder Justice Corner 

From our colleagues at the Federal Trade Commission. 

Looking Out for Spam Texts and Emails

Scammers will send spam messages that seem legit through text or email, trying to trick you into clicking links and giving them personal or financial information. Scammers try to acquire passwords, bank account information or Social Security numbers to steal your money or your identity.

Things to consider when avoiding spam scams:

Report unwanted messages. Spam messages often lead to scams and should be reported. Use your phone’s “report junk” option or forward unwanted texts to 7726 (SPAM) and unwanted emails to your email provider.

Use filters on your mobile device and email. Some wireless providers and call blocking apps can help block unwanted messages from getting to your mobile device. Most email providers have strong spam filters turned on by default, but if any spam gets into your inbox, mark it as spam or junk.

Protect your personal information. Be cautious before entering personal information into a website, email, or text chain. Never share your Social Security number with someone who reaches out to you.   

For more information, visit the Federal Trade Commission.

Program Updates and Requirements 

Reporting Requirements 

For reporting deadlines, review your grant's program-specific terms and conditions (see the section titled “Reporting Requirements”): 

Reports will be made available in eGrants 90 days before the due date. If the option to enter report data is not available in eGrants, please reach out to your portfolio manager.  

Current Reports Due: 

AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparent, Senior Companion, and Senior Demonstration Program Quarter Three Grants Realigned to Quarter Four (those with a 15-month budget):

  • Project Progress Report Annual Due: Tuesday, July 30
  • Federal Financial Report Semi-Annual Due: Tuesday, July 30 (Note: this Federal Financial Report covers the period of April 1, through June 30, 2024)
  • Federal Financial Report Final (for 21SF, 21SC, or 21SD grant numbers) Due: Monday, Oct. 28 (Note: this Federal Financial Report covers the period of April 1, through June 30, 2024)

AmeriCorps Seniors American Rescue Plan Phase Two (April) Grants: 

  • Federal Financial Report Final Due: Monday, July 29 

AmeriCorps Seniors American Rescue Plan Phase Two (July) and Phase Three Grants: 

  • Project Progress Report Annual Due: Tuesday, July 30
  • Federal Financial Report Final Due: Monday, Oct. 28

Additional Resources 

For instructions on the project progress report and federal financial report, visit your program's grantee resources section, select “submit a progress report” or “submit a Federal Financial Report” as the action, then click “apply” to show the resources.    

AmeriCorps Seniors Operations Handbooks 

Litmos Trainings for Reporting